Tuesday, September 27, 2005

it's like.. whoa.

so. you ever have one of those months where all you really want is a nap? but you just have to keep going to work. even when you get off work. then you have to go to work again. this week i have only 2 nights off, thursday, and sunday night. and i could spend this time being social and hanging out with friends. carmen offered for me to go to boone with her thursday night. but you know what i'm gonna do? NOTHIN. that's right. nothing. i'm gonna sit at home and wacth t.v. that's all i really want to do. clean my room and some laundry, but no more than that. because that's what i will enjoy more than anything else. and on sunday? my plan is to go see the corpse bride. seeing as it's been out for 5 days now, and it's a johnny movie, i should have seen it already. but what can i say? work. i know, i know, i am fully aware that it was my choice to get a second job, and that i don't have to do it. but i like a challenge sometimes. plus, instead of "breaking even" all the time, now i am able to save a little. i've already saved up 300 bucks. my goal is 5 grand. of course, i'm about to spend that 300 on a new computer, b's advice. but hey, i'm getting better at serving, therefore my tips are getting better. i'll have 5 g's in no time.

oh, and i've decided to give up poker for a while. i'm sick of losing money and feeling sorry for my lacking poker skillz.

what a pretty day it is outside. ah hickory. you know what i could really use? a full body massage. i've never had one. i think i would enjoy it. yea. by a nice swedish boy...........


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Pigs said...

Good girl. Signing up on Blog Explosion. Good stuff, it is. :o)