Wednesday, October 26, 2005


i'm soooooooooooo excited about this weekend. i can't wait. i can't talk too much about it either.. for fear of ruining it.. but here's a little hint:
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it's really going to rock. i have to work the rest of this week, but i'm going to (try) not to complain. no matter what, i'm going to have FUN this weekend. and i'm going to watch football, and drink and be merry, because that's what will rock my world.

although, i have to admit i'm a little nervous.. this party will be the one yeariversary since last year's halloween party where i got really close to crazy over foliage. if you don't know what i mean, click here. but it's alright. i'll just avoid him like the plague or something. no need to pine over him this year :). (pine.. get it... hahahahha) i'm a dork. but anyways.

haha i got b to tell me his grande plan for a costume.. he doesn't suspect a thing... but i'm going to be good and not tell anyone.. because i'm cool like that. but it does make me laugh to think that i found out his big "secret" costume. mine so kicks his's ass.. (is that proper grammar?) oh well who cares i rule.

do you think it's bad that the last TWO nights (monday and tuesday) i have arrived home partially drunk? on weeknights? i'm such a lush..

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