Monday, October 17, 2005

survived another weekend... barely.

want to know how this one went?
well, it started just like every other weekend,
friday night at the brush was busy busy busy, but not as busy as the last, and people generally sucked pretty big balls on friday. all night i only made like 50 bucks in tips. usually on fridays i make at least 70. what the hell.
then off to the poker table with C, S, brian the dj/cook, and monica, my new homey:

i lost pretty quickly, and decided to stay out instead of wasting another five bucks. went to sleep at like 2.30 on the couch.. and was doing fine.. until about 5.30 when for some reason, i woke up with the "awfulest" headache ever.
now i know what your thinking, "shouldn't have drank so much"
but HA! i didn't drink that much! i had like 2 glasses of arbor mist and ONE beer. i wasn't even tipsy. how could i have been drunk? i don't know what happened. i just know this headache kept me awake for a long time before i made myself throw up. then finally fell back asleep.

had to get up at 9.30 on sat. morning so's i could meet katie at 10.30 at the COG. would have made it too, but i still had the headache, so i had to stop at target on the way. was in line and just about to FINALLY cash out, when my sunglasses decided to break again. i knew that i was going to be outside a majority of the day, so i had to leave the line and go grab the first pair of sunglasses that looked halfway decent. they were marked 20 bucks. 20!! but i was in a hurry so i figured what the hell, but luckily they only rang up for 5 dollars. i don't know why, i don't want to know, i'm just feelin lucky.
my kick ass shades that i bought for 5 bucks from target

so then me and katie made it to boone and to the mellow mushroom, where we shared a pie and embibed in scrumptious pumpkin beer. it was my first pumpkin beer experience, and i liked it. so did the yellow jacket that flew into katie's beer and drank a good amount before we could find a fork to fish him out of there.

alisa, who we met on flickr, was kind enough to buy us tickets for the game. she is really cool and we had fun hanging out, the three of us:
Image hosted by
Photo taken by katiebug

the game was pretty fun, mainly because we had minibottles and cameras. it was an anticlimactic game if ever i saw one. we beat the crap out of georgia southern:
the final score! but it was so...

and then i took katie back to her car, which was parked at the bowling center where i used to work, the boonebowling center. so i talked to them for about an hour and a half. strangely enough, athen actually talked to me. athen hasn't spoken more than two words to me since last summer when i broke his poor little heart. but i mean come on, i told him it was gonna happen. i told him. but anyways he was actually friendly to me this time around. i guess that's good. i was friendly to him too, i always am. but i hope it doesn't give him the wrong idea. damn.

anywho then i picked up nick and took him over to appsouth, or cracksouth as i affectionately call it, my old apartment complex. he went to hang out with some old friends, while i went to see chris, elisabeth, nate, and amie. things were going well, stories were being told, laughs were being shared. then chris, being the fun guy he is, decides to play a little game called, "who gets the everclear?".
this game is played by pouring 6 shot glasses full of liquor. one was a brown liquor, and the other five were different clear liquors. one being everclear. chris was the only one who knew what was what. there were only five of us, so potentially no one would have to get the everclear.
i was first into the kitchen, and went for the pretty blue hustler shot glass that i got for chris in hollywood. mistake. i took it. like a man. before it even got past my tongue i knew i had the everclear. but i took it. because i don't back down.. the next thoughts to go through my mind:
"am i gonna throw up?"
"i'm gonna be sick"
"jesus i'm gonna die"
"my mouth tastes like burn"
"i can't move my eyebrows"

now chris yells out "let's play a new game, it's called 'allison got the everclear'". i seriously couldn't move for like 10 minutes. aye aye aye. but i'm strong, and i didn't get sick. i had to wait a while before i could drive me and nick over to his apartment, but i did it. of course driving drunk in boone is like riding a bike. you never forget how.

i eventually got to sleep around 3 am. then had to get up at 8.30 to take nick to work, and then to drive back down the mountain to work at the brush.

which sucked, but it isn't worth telling the story.

stopped by the canadian's crib for a few minutes to catch up and try to convince him to come bowling... to no avail. he goes to sleep at like 9 pm...

at five i met C & S at the Green Room to take pics of Robbie, the Maitre D for their Katrina Benefit Show, who also played Lumier in Hickory Community Theater's Beauty & the Beast:

then C, S, me and Brian the dj/cook played spades. me and carmen were on a team and we lost hard core. like 500 points down. oh well. and brian, yeah, he PISSED ME OFF. there is a big difference between jokingly gloating, and PISSING ME OFF.. but that's ok, i have the upper hand. i know for a fact that brian the dj/cook has the hots for me superbad. but he will NEVER. NEVER. NEVER. touch me. :) that's mean isn't it. oh well.

at least Tampa Bay won, and my fantasy football team kicked my boss' fantasy football team's ass. i won by at least fifty points. hell yes.

sigh.. .another weekend gone by... i hope the next one is less eventful, i'm worn out..


Punk Parent said...

Just so you know your blog is impossible to read.

Katie said...

It is not impossible to read. Freak.

It was a FUN weekend. I'm sorry that you couldn't have our table on Friday night- you know we would've hooked you up on the tip. Sounds like you had a good time in Boone Saturday night- except for that whole Everclear thing- spit it out next time girl! That's a stooopid game! Yay for beating Scott in your FF! When are you off this week? Maybe we can meet up somewhere for supper- the Tap Room should have pumpkin beer...