Wednesday, October 12, 2005


let's see...
Friday night: went to b.w.w. (buffalo wild wings) with carmen, sattercrunk, brian the dj/cook, cookboy adrian, and brittany and jessica. there i ran into an old asu geomate, matt. we talked for a minute and he bought me a beer, strictly based on the fact that i was wearing one of my few "booby shirts". but don't worry, he's happily married and lives in s.c.. then brian the dj/cook, cookboy adrian, carmen, sattercrunk and i went back to the phaups residence and played some cards. i was a liiiiiiiittle bit drunk. i had one of those drunken text message fights with dustin, who i probably won't ever talk to again. i was a little mean, but i feel like i had to be. i believe some of my exact words were "i ain't no hollaback girl".

moving on. next day i worked, what a surfuckinprise. and again the next day. sunday night i was going to play cards with carmen, satterfield, and the canadian, but the canadian's phone died before he could tell us which apartment number he lived in ( i was supposed to go pick him up, even though i had never even met him before). oh well. but carmen and the canadian came into dinner on monday night at the brush. he has absolutely no canadian accent. what a shame.
well i had 4 tables that whole night so i made a whopping twelve bucks. woo.

last night i had a grand total of six tables. i was on the phone with carmen while i was doing my money to turn in. i realized that i had lost like 20 bucks. this was no good. i was seriously getting pissed off thinking i had given someone a twenty when i meant to give them a one. i mean, i should have made like 35 bucks instead of the 14 that i had left over after counting. this put me in a FOUL mood.

but then when i went to turn my money in, the manager counted everything and said "you owe me $7.xx". WHA? i thought i owed $25.xx. somehow i had managed to completely add wrong on my shit. so i did make like 35 and i hadn't lost any money. SWEET. no more talking on the phone while i do my money.

i also forgot to clock out last night, but that's what phones are for.

tomorrow is my solitary night off this week, since i'm going to boone on saturday. i'm still not sure what i'm doing.
but i know i can't freaking wait for saturday. i'm gonna have so much fun.
boone, beer, football, and mellow mushroom. who could ask for anything more?


Katie said...

No accent?! What's up with that? Your "relationship" with Dustin is one of the most dramatized ever!
YAY BOONE!!! Don't forget about the Pumpkin beer, mmmmm....

Allison said...

hahahhahahahahaha relationship. you kill me with your funny. whatever. mmmmmm i can't wait to try that pumpkin beer.