Monday, October 31, 2005

shiver me timbers.

it was a Long weekend and i have plenty to blog about. but alas, i'm mighty busy at work today and you'll all have to wait til wednesday to get the full scoop..
but here's a preview:
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here arrrrrrrrrr some more.

and one more thing:

Thursday, October 27, 2005

stuff on my cat

i was browsing blogs, when a link i found brought me to this site:


i haven't laughed that hard in a while.. and it's all INNOCENT fun.. .

Appalachian State University: School of Distinction

Sometimes I'm really proud to be graduate of the fine Appalachian State University. My heart swells to think that i put forth four years of hard to work for my Bachelor of Science Degree. But pride is a sin. And here's why:


Wednesday, October 26, 2005


i'm soooooooooooo excited about this weekend. i can't wait. i can't talk too much about it either.. for fear of ruining it.. but here's a little hint:
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it's really going to rock. i have to work the rest of this week, but i'm going to (try) not to complain. no matter what, i'm going to have FUN this weekend. and i'm going to watch football, and drink and be merry, because that's what will rock my world.

although, i have to admit i'm a little nervous.. this party will be the one yeariversary since last year's halloween party where i got really close to crazy over foliage. if you don't know what i mean, click here. but it's alright. i'll just avoid him like the plague or something. no need to pine over him this year :). (pine.. get it... hahahahha) i'm a dork. but anyways.

haha i got b to tell me his grande plan for a costume.. he doesn't suspect a thing... but i'm going to be good and not tell anyone.. because i'm cool like that. but it does make me laugh to think that i found out his big "secret" costume. mine so kicks his's ass.. (is that proper grammar?) oh well who cares i rule.

do you think it's bad that the last TWO nights (monday and tuesday) i have arrived home partially drunk? on weeknights? i'm such a lush..

Thursday, October 20, 2005

50 things about me (because 100 is a bit much)

1. i was born in florida
2. my family and i moved to n.c. when i was 6 years old
3. i went to 4 different elementary schools:
-Palmetto Elementary in Palmetto, Florida
-Aycock Elementary in Kannapolis, NC
-Bostian Elementary in Rowan County, NC
-Landis Elementary in Landis, NC
4. i have 2 older brothers, 3 nieces, a step mother, step father, and several step siblings
5. i have a b.s. degree from appstate
6. i detest seafood (if it comes out of the water, ew.) i once accidentally ate a piece of calamari thinking it was a stray onion ring when i was working at the channel marker restaurant in atlantic beach, nc.
7. i like pirates, especially blackbeard, and especially johnny depp.
8. i also detest mushrooms and olives, and i would throw up multitudes upon multitudes of disgusting putrid chunks if i ever ingested ranch dressing.
9. i like stars. i have a star necklace that i ALWAYS wear (except when i accidentally leave it in boone, or lose it for six months in my mom's driveway). i also have a star tattoo on my inner left forearm.
10. i could watch pirates of the caribbean about 800 times without getting sick of it. i even watched it with the commentary. that's how freakin good it is.
11. i have 2 jobs, and i complain about them a lot.
12. i suck at serving tables.
13. i wish i had a kitty, but i have a roommate instead.
14. ever since i was 9 years old and saw milo & otis (the movie) i have wanted a pug. and i will have one.
15. i totaled my first car 11 days after i got my liscence. it looked a lot like this one.
16. it took me 3 tries to get my liscence.
17. my first job was at Cox's Seafood... bussing tables.
18. i was once tom petty for halloween.
19. when i was 10, my mom, dad, bros, cousin, grandparents, and me took two trucks and two campers and drove all the way to california and back over a month one summer.
20. i have been to 44 u.s. states, not including louisiana, kansas, north dakota, washington, hawaii, and alaska
21. when i was in 8th grade, i was in a pirate acting group called "the pirate troupe" which was run by my favorite teacher ever, mr. pope. my pirate name was "scarlett hatcher" and i carried a dulled hatchet.
22. i met my first love the day after graduating from high school.
23. i had my first (and only!) heartbreak in february my freshman year of college.
24. my first concert was aerosmith
25. my biggest concert was woodstock 99
26. my favorite concert was beck in 1996, and bloodhound gang in 1998
27. my favorite movies are Pirates of the Caribbean (duh) and Alive (1992).
28. my favorite book is To Kill a Mockingbird, all Harry Potter books, and Alive (1973)
29. i had my first boyfriend in 6th grade and dated him again in 8th grade.
30. i recieved my first kiss at age 13 (8th grade) behind the dumpsters at Corriher Lipe Middle School from Chris Smith.
31. i have recently developed a love for photography. (tee hee.. developed)
32. i love puns.
33. i have 2 best friends, carmen, and b.
34. i met b in 10th grade, when i used to be in love with him :).
35. i met carmen when i was in 9th grade, when she used to be in love with my brother.
36. the craziest place i have ever been was in traffic in Los Angeles. but then again, i bet a lot of people can say that.
37. the most beautiful thing i can ever remember seeing is the view from the airplane when flying over this beautiful country of ours.
38. i once got so drunk i woke up in the bathroom with no pants on, hugging the toilet, with "edible body paint" all over me...
39. i don't drink jack daniel's anymore.
40. the most famous person i have ever met is vanilla ice.
41. i once saw paris hilton and nicole ritchie walking down the street.
42. i LOVE celebrity gossip... that's the girl in me.
43. i can't wait to see the rest of the world... if i could go anywhere, it'd be everywhere...
44. my biggest fear is that i will never be a mother.
45. i shall name my first born son Luke. and daughter Belle.
46. i <3 star wars
47. i have more than once waited for hours to see a good movie at a midnight premiere (i.e. star wars episodes 2 and 3)
48. i am always tired, and value sleep above life.
49. if i could go back in time and talk to anybody? blackbeard.
50. there is no 50.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

new link

i've added a new link! it's the link to the Ph**p Dance Academy, Sattertrunk's brand new dance studio, in Newton NC. they added a page for my pictures, because i take all the pics for them.. anyways check it out:

Transformers.. Robots in Disguise

I have discovered a fun sight where you can transform your face into all kinds of stuff. you can make yourself look a different race, or see what you'd look like as an old lady:
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i really like this one:
Image hosted by

but this one is definitely best:
Image hosted by

Here is the link: clickme.

be as cool as me.

Monday, October 17, 2005

survived another weekend... barely.

want to know how this one went?
well, it started just like every other weekend,
friday night at the brush was busy busy busy, but not as busy as the last, and people generally sucked pretty big balls on friday. all night i only made like 50 bucks in tips. usually on fridays i make at least 70. what the hell.
then off to the poker table with C, S, brian the dj/cook, and monica, my new homey:

i lost pretty quickly, and decided to stay out instead of wasting another five bucks. went to sleep at like 2.30 on the couch.. and was doing fine.. until about 5.30 when for some reason, i woke up with the "awfulest" headache ever.
now i know what your thinking, "shouldn't have drank so much"
but HA! i didn't drink that much! i had like 2 glasses of arbor mist and ONE beer. i wasn't even tipsy. how could i have been drunk? i don't know what happened. i just know this headache kept me awake for a long time before i made myself throw up. then finally fell back asleep.

had to get up at 9.30 on sat. morning so's i could meet katie at 10.30 at the COG. would have made it too, but i still had the headache, so i had to stop at target on the way. was in line and just about to FINALLY cash out, when my sunglasses decided to break again. i knew that i was going to be outside a majority of the day, so i had to leave the line and go grab the first pair of sunglasses that looked halfway decent. they were marked 20 bucks. 20!! but i was in a hurry so i figured what the hell, but luckily they only rang up for 5 dollars. i don't know why, i don't want to know, i'm just feelin lucky.
my kick ass shades that i bought for 5 bucks from target

so then me and katie made it to boone and to the mellow mushroom, where we shared a pie and embibed in scrumptious pumpkin beer. it was my first pumpkin beer experience, and i liked it. so did the yellow jacket that flew into katie's beer and drank a good amount before we could find a fork to fish him out of there.

alisa, who we met on flickr, was kind enough to buy us tickets for the game. she is really cool and we had fun hanging out, the three of us:
Image hosted by
Photo taken by katiebug

the game was pretty fun, mainly because we had minibottles and cameras. it was an anticlimactic game if ever i saw one. we beat the crap out of georgia southern:
the final score! but it was so...

and then i took katie back to her car, which was parked at the bowling center where i used to work, the boonebowling center. so i talked to them for about an hour and a half. strangely enough, athen actually talked to me. athen hasn't spoken more than two words to me since last summer when i broke his poor little heart. but i mean come on, i told him it was gonna happen. i told him. but anyways he was actually friendly to me this time around. i guess that's good. i was friendly to him too, i always am. but i hope it doesn't give him the wrong idea. damn.

anywho then i picked up nick and took him over to appsouth, or cracksouth as i affectionately call it, my old apartment complex. he went to hang out with some old friends, while i went to see chris, elisabeth, nate, and amie. things were going well, stories were being told, laughs were being shared. then chris, being the fun guy he is, decides to play a little game called, "who gets the everclear?".
this game is played by pouring 6 shot glasses full of liquor. one was a brown liquor, and the other five were different clear liquors. one being everclear. chris was the only one who knew what was what. there were only five of us, so potentially no one would have to get the everclear.
i was first into the kitchen, and went for the pretty blue hustler shot glass that i got for chris in hollywood. mistake. i took it. like a man. before it even got past my tongue i knew i had the everclear. but i took it. because i don't back down.. the next thoughts to go through my mind:
"am i gonna throw up?"
"i'm gonna be sick"
"jesus i'm gonna die"
"my mouth tastes like burn"
"i can't move my eyebrows"

now chris yells out "let's play a new game, it's called 'allison got the everclear'". i seriously couldn't move for like 10 minutes. aye aye aye. but i'm strong, and i didn't get sick. i had to wait a while before i could drive me and nick over to his apartment, but i did it. of course driving drunk in boone is like riding a bike. you never forget how.

i eventually got to sleep around 3 am. then had to get up at 8.30 to take nick to work, and then to drive back down the mountain to work at the brush.

which sucked, but it isn't worth telling the story.

stopped by the canadian's crib for a few minutes to catch up and try to convince him to come bowling... to no avail. he goes to sleep at like 9 pm...

at five i met C & S at the Green Room to take pics of Robbie, the Maitre D for their Katrina Benefit Show, who also played Lumier in Hickory Community Theater's Beauty & the Beast:

then C, S, me and Brian the dj/cook played spades. me and carmen were on a team and we lost hard core. like 500 points down. oh well. and brian, yeah, he PISSED ME OFF. there is a big difference between jokingly gloating, and PISSING ME OFF.. but that's ok, i have the upper hand. i know for a fact that brian the dj/cook has the hots for me superbad. but he will NEVER. NEVER. NEVER. touch me. :) that's mean isn't it. oh well.

at least Tampa Bay won, and my fantasy football team kicked my boss' fantasy football team's ass. i won by at least fifty points. hell yes.

sigh.. .another weekend gone by... i hope the next one is less eventful, i'm worn out..

Friday, October 14, 2005

yarr it's gettin to be that time of day.

from the poor man comes the gankstah to pirate translator:

Gangstah...................... Pirate
fo'ties .................................... bottles o' rum
bling bling ........................... booty
Yo! ....................................... Avast!
Homey ................................ Matey
Bee-atch ............................. Scurvey dog
Pop a cap in yo ass ............ Make you walk the plank
Word .................................. Arrrrrrrrr
Beat down ......................... Keel haul
Wack MC ......................... Land lubber
Playah ............................... Swashbuckler
Mack Daddy ..................... Cap'n
Jacking .............................. Plundering
Rap .................................... Sea Shanties
The joint ........................... The brig
Crew .................................. Crew

i'm so excited...
i'm going to the ASU game tomorrow!! yay!!
football beer boone football beer boone football beer boone :)

Wednesday, October 12, 2005


let's see...
Friday night: went to b.w.w. (buffalo wild wings) with carmen, sattercrunk, brian the dj/cook, cookboy adrian, and brittany and jessica. there i ran into an old asu geomate, matt. we talked for a minute and he bought me a beer, strictly based on the fact that i was wearing one of my few "booby shirts". but don't worry, he's happily married and lives in s.c.. then brian the dj/cook, cookboy adrian, carmen, sattercrunk and i went back to the phaups residence and played some cards. i was a liiiiiiiittle bit drunk. i had one of those drunken text message fights with dustin, who i probably won't ever talk to again. i was a little mean, but i feel like i had to be. i believe some of my exact words were "i ain't no hollaback girl".

moving on. next day i worked, what a surfuckinprise. and again the next day. sunday night i was going to play cards with carmen, satterfield, and the canadian, but the canadian's phone died before he could tell us which apartment number he lived in ( i was supposed to go pick him up, even though i had never even met him before). oh well. but carmen and the canadian came into dinner on monday night at the brush. he has absolutely no canadian accent. what a shame.
well i had 4 tables that whole night so i made a whopping twelve bucks. woo.

last night i had a grand total of six tables. i was on the phone with carmen while i was doing my money to turn in. i realized that i had lost like 20 bucks. this was no good. i was seriously getting pissed off thinking i had given someone a twenty when i meant to give them a one. i mean, i should have made like 35 bucks instead of the 14 that i had left over after counting. this put me in a FOUL mood.

but then when i went to turn my money in, the manager counted everything and said "you owe me $7.xx". WHA? i thought i owed $25.xx. somehow i had managed to completely add wrong on my shit. so i did make like 35 and i hadn't lost any money. SWEET. no more talking on the phone while i do my money.

i also forgot to clock out last night, but that's what phones are for.

tomorrow is my solitary night off this week, since i'm going to boone on saturday. i'm still not sure what i'm doing.
but i know i can't freaking wait for saturday. i'm gonna have so much fun.
boone, beer, football, and mellow mushroom. who could ask for anything more?

Thursday, October 06, 2005

yippy skippy!

last night i went to see the Corpse Bride. It was ok... not the best, but pretty good.
but the highlight was the very first trailer i saw, a full length trailer for harry potter and the goblet of fire... yay. i was all on the edge of my seat, and happy as a kid at disney land. i even shuddered at the end from sheer excitement. i wasn't this excited about the last three. of course, that was before i read any of the books. man, they're amazing.

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tonight: possibly spades bd with carmen and sattercrunk.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

another day another "dios mio"

friday night: the brush (blah).. hung out with cookboy adrian and drank beer. got lost trying to find liquor party.
saturday: slept til 230. work at 330: nothing going on. absolutely. went home and to sleep at midnight.

sunday: worked til 430. bd at 6 at tap room. that sucked a lot. spades, i lost. but hey, the bucs won.

monday at the brush:
Image hosted by

tuesday at the brush:
Image hosted by

. *sigh* i know this blog is a lot of rambling goobledigop. but it's all i can give for now.