Thursday, July 05, 2007

Happy 5th of July!

I hope everyone had a great 4th of July! It's always been my favorite holiday, and yesterday was no exception. It's a great holiday because it's a great excuse for everyone to just relax, have fun, bbq some meat, and light things on fire.

Jared's brother Josh lives on the lake (lake Hickory) in Taylorsville so he has an annual 4th of July bash. I was invited this year so yesterday Jared and I went and we had a ball. His sister, brother, 20ish of his brother's friends, and Jared's friends Jeff and Misty were all there.

We watched the most exciting Nathan's Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest ever! I still can't believe Kobayashi was finally taken out! I'm just glad an American finally won it.

Then we lounged around, talking, munching, watching some tube when we needed to cool off, laid in the hammock, shot off a big ole potato gun (and almost hit some lake passer byers) played on the giant black slip-n-slide:

which ended with a kiddie pool.

This was a lot of fun for the guys, and would have been a lot of fun for me, had i not been wearing jeans. But by the time I went inside and changed into my swim bottoms, they were done playing on it. Jared had fun though:

There was also a homemade zip-line that ended in the lake, but we both opted out of that one.

Believe it or not, I actually got in the lake for a little bit. Jared's sister Amy has pictures! I wasn't going to at first, due to my aversion to swimming in water where I can't see my feet, especially lake water, but I was talked into it. I didn't want to be the odd woman out. It was highly gross, but also a little bit fun. I'm just glad my honey was there to hang onto so my feet touched the slimy bottom as little as possible.

Eventually they grilled and we had yummy pork chops, hamburgers and hot dogs. After watching the hot dog eating contest and seeing Kobayashi toss his um.. hot dog back up, I opted out of eating a hot dog.

Finally around 9:00 it was dark enough for people to start playing with fireworks. The only ones we had were a few bottle rockets that I pulled out of my car. Other than that we just watched the 20 or so other parties around and on the lake shooting off their fireworks. It was so nice.

Of course today I'm tired and sunburnt, but we had a great time.

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Stacey said...

4th of july is one of my fave holidays, too. sadly mine sucked as i had a headache, which went away just in time to be stood up by my boyfriend who got too drunk at the lamb-roasting bbq to remember i was sitting at home, waiting for him to come home. he got home 10 minutes after the city's fireworks started.

he's lucky this is only, like, 3rd non-IDEAL-boyfriend act!

glad YOU had fun, though! :) mm, lighting things on fire. maybe i'll have to do a 4th of july next month or something.