Monday, July 02, 2007


Well I had a pretty boring weekend unless you count going to a skanktacular strip club with Jared and a few others on Friday night, and then going to dinner with the ex on Sunday night. Saturday I did not leave the house except to take Beefcake to get his rabies shot. He is 4 pounds now but the vet thinks he is too skinny. I am doubling his food now, and I keep Meatwad out while he is eating.

I have been feeding Cheddar, Carmen's cat, this week while she is on her honeymoon in the Caribbean. I am also feeding her plants, and trying desperately not to kill them. Why am I so terrible with plants? The tomato plant is browning even though I am watering it everyday. And their pet plant, the carnivorous one, is looking sad too. They'll be home tomorrow and I'm hoping it holds on long enough for Jon to save it.

Last night I got jealous over something stupid. Why do I continue to get jealous when I know Jared is totally committed to me? I trust him, but I don't trust other girls. I'm just weird I guess. But everything is fine. It's weird how I don't get jealous at the strip club but I get jealous with girls I know. hmm.


Anonymous said...

Its natural to feel jealous, espcially when you have other chicas hangin around who should be behaving themselves. I would only worry if Jared is reciprocating to the attention of the other girl.

Stacey said...

jealousy is just a weird, weird thing. it's way too easy to think bad things, even when they make no sense in the big picture (the big picture being that you have a great guy). i have the best boy ever (except for jared, of course) and i still find myself expecting bad things from him from time to time. i'm guessing it just takes a while for it to REALLY sink in that your boy is good and not at all like the men on the lifetime movies. :)

Allison said...

yall are both SO right. i guess i just question my ability to keep him happy more than his ability to keep faithful :)

Carmen said...

my plants are wonderful. i'm so thankful. jared is totally commited to you. you get jealous because you're a girl and these things happen. if you got through it, it's just fine.