Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Blah2@! Did you know...

Trying to decide on a new camera sucks.

I can't decide whether I want something big or small.
I can't decide whether I want something I can use easily or something more advanced.
I can't decide whether I should rip my hair out or kill someone.

Narrowing down between:
Fujifilm S5700/S700

Fujifilm S6000fd

Fujifilm S5600

I like my Fujis. And I don't like looking at the Amazon reviews because they blow me away.

I wish I could afford the 6000fd and also a small camera for fun times. BUT I can't.

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Joan said...

You might want to look on flickr and see if there are groups for those specific Fuji cameras. I did that with my new Canon G9. I found their comments very helpful. I actually started looking at one camera and based on what I read from flickr members I changed my mind. Good luck.