Monday, March 10, 2008

I know 2 very bad kitties who will be celebrating a birthday soon.

So on Sunday I decided it would be a perfect day to take Meatwad and Beefcake to PetSmart to get their nails clipped. It was a gorgeous day, and the cats seemed to be in good moods. I packed them up in their carriers and we headed on out.

When we got in the pet salon area, two of the women there immediately recognized me, and I assume it was because of Meatwad. Here's why:

Meatwad basically attacked the poor woman who got stuck clipping his nails. It was like an all out brawl before she put the cone on. It looked a lot like this:

And also a bit like this:

Except, imagine the lion is Meatwad and the tiger is the PetSmart lady.

I went out to pay while she was finishing him up, and there were people outside the salon staring saying "Look at that crazy cat!". The woman who rang me up asked, "is that your cat everyone is talking about?". YEA. That's my Meatwad.

So then she trims Beefcake's nails and I can see he behaves... but when she brings him back over to me in his carrier, she says, "I just want you to know, he's peed all over the inside of the carrier and himself."

Great. One mean cat and one pee-covered cat. That poor lady. I tipped her for being so calm about it.

Then I sadly took my two bad kitties home and gave poor Beefcake a bath. I would have taken a picture but it takes both hands to handle that.


KariBeri said...

awww poor putty tats! mean ol ladies!

Carmen Eckard said...

Carmen Eckard said...

i've never given a cat a bath, and i hope that when i'm 80, i can still say that.

Joan said...

I use to bathe my cats in the old days before flea prevention meds came out. They tore me up. I trim Chloe's claws when she's very sleepy.

Happy Birthday guys!

Alisa Ryan said...

Hahahaha! Awww poor leetle Beefcake! Did Meatwad attack her last time AND this time?