Monday, March 31, 2008

Skyrockets in Flight..

Does anyone else have certain songs that, when you hear them, they always get stuck in your head? I have at least two of these.

One is "Yellow Submarine" by The Beatles. Not that it's terrible to have a Beatles song stuck in your head, but there are much better Beatles songs to choose from. Yet for some reason this is the one that floats around in my head.

The other is, unfortunately, "Afternoon Delight". I don't like this song, it's not my taste. No matter how many times I hear it, it will get stuck in my head for at least a week upon hearing it.

Last night I watched a portion of The Rules of Attraction, the James Van Der Beek movie. This movie has a great soundtrack, but they somehow managed to sneak in that darn song for about 20 seconds. It was long enough to be floating around in my head today. Grruf.

In other news, I totally got most of the wallpaper in my kitchen taken down... except for behind the fridge.

Also, I signed up to play in the Appalchian Alumni Band Concert on April 26th in Boone. Ya'll should come out and watch me make a fool of myself. I haven't played my clarinet in years. I practiced a little last night and I think I pulled a muscle in my bottom lip.

Anywho the show is free and it won't last but like an hour (I hope). If you're hankering for a trip to Boone and need a good excuse, come on up to see it! The Yikas should be free flowing.


Carmen Eckard said...

so last night after you left we were on the porch and the guys were all "what is that?" it was you, playing scales. we were delighted.

Joan said...

Do get to wear a uniform?

Alisa Ryan said...

I have songs like that. Can't think of them right now (thank god) but I do have "Total Eclipse of the Heart" stuck in my head at the moment. How did THAT happen?

Carmen Eckard said...

Ole Black Water. James, that theatre guy from high school that was a senior, maybe, when you were a freshman...he used to sing the chorus to me everyday, just to piss me off.

Carmen Eckard said...
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Anna said...

And now I have Afternoon Delight stuck in my head. Thanks. :-|

Carmen Eckard said...

jon says "that free credit report song. i hate that."