Thursday, March 13, 2008

So I got my new camera.. Or did I?

First picture with new camera that finally arrived yesterday:
First picture with new camera

About 20 minutes later I was fooling around with more of the buttons and realized all of a sudden "holy shnikies, this is NOT the camera I ordered". I was very peeved.

I ordered this camera , the Fujifilm S6000fd. This is a perfectly respectable MID level camera that I thought about and really wanted.

What they sent me was this camera , the Fujifilm S7000.

Yes, it's WAY more expensive, but I didn't pay extra for it.

Here are the pros and cons of this situation:
-it's a higher-end camera
-it's more advanced
-it's worth more

-it's 4 years older than the one I wanted (it's brand new, but manufactured in 2003)
-the zoom is not as good
-it's more advanced (i'm mid level..)

I know I'll get used to it and I'll love it. But damn it, I really thought long and hard about what camera to get and I really wanted the S6000fd.


Katie Bonk said...

I would trade it in for the one you originally wanted.

KariBeri said...

Tricky.. but go ahead and trade it in for the one you want. Or it may bother you forever!

Sam said...

I say sell it on ebay for what it's worth, then buy the camera you actually want and keep the profit for vegas!

Carmen Eckard said...

i'm with sam. no. i still think you should keep it and stop being mid level. you have to have good tools to be really good, right?

Sam said...

On second thought, send it back and get the camera you wanted. I just checked what each one is going for on ebay. The one you got is going for $180 at the lowest and the one you wanted is going for $299.

Joan said...

I would turn it in. Bad karma to keep it. You need a good zoom to take pictures of Marie on the sidelines!