Friday, June 05, 2009

Big News

Jared and I have decided to go back to Las Vegas in September. We found an awesome deal on Travelocity. Five nights at New York New York hotel and round trip airfare for less than $500 each. AND we got 2 free show tickets to see The Lion King. Awesome.

You should all join us! September 25th through 30th! I am planning to have the time of my life. Again.

This vacation means two other things have to happen though.

1)I'm going to have to get a temporary part time job again. Spending money is needed. This is painful. Also I have a lot of things coming up on Saturdays so I will not be able to work Saturdays. I'm okay with that, but most restaurants are not (I want tip money, people!). The plan is for me to go out tomorrow and start looking.

2)I'm going on a diet. A mega-mega hardcore diet. Started today. I had a protein shake for breakfast, and I'm taking Alli, which means I can't eat high-fatty foods unless I want to suffer horrific abdominal pains and other embarrassing things. I refuse to let that happen to me, so I think this may work. I already work out 2-3 times a week, so hopefully by September I'll drop a few pounds.

Oh, and no. I don't have any plans of getting married in Vegas.


Joan said...

If you get married, Catherine wants to be there. It's not really you just a chance for her to get new clothes and a pedicure. I'd join ya in Vegas but we will be at the Samford game.

Sam said...

You should allow yourself to have one cheat meal a week so you don't go crazy. That's the only reason I've been able to maintain my diet.

Stacey said...

i don't believe that last sentence. :)

Anonymous said...

have lots of fun and of course be careful!

Anonymous said...