Monday, June 01, 2009


First off, I'm convinced that ABC doesn't like me. It tried to air one of my favorite shows, PUSHING DAISIES, on Saturday night so that no one would realize it was on and no one would watch it. It didn't advertise that it would be showing new episodes, either! It's like they don't want any ratings because then they would have to admit that they were wrong to cancel it. But I fooled them, I still had my DVR set to record new episodes of PUSHING DAISIES. So Sunday afternoon when I was superbored and going through my recordings, I was greatly surprised by a new episode of PUSHING DAISIES! I didn't think they were ever going to air anymore, and there it was! This is fantastic! But apparently, they're only showing 2 more, just to tie up the series. What a shame. This is a superbly great show.

Also, this past weekend I went to Durham to see Brad and went to a Durham Bulls baseball game. It was sooo much fun. Much more exciting than any Hickory Crawdads game I've ever been to. But the best part is, it's right across the street from a MELLOW MUSHROOM. And, as I previously stated, it is my goal to visit as many Mellow Mushrooms as possible before I die. This makes Shroom #10.

Here's my list:
1.Boone, NC
2.Blowing Rock, NC
3.Asheville, NC
4.Winston Salem, NC
5.Wilmington, NC
6.Columbia, SC
7.Chattanooga, TN
8.Myrtle Beach, SC
9.Baton Rouge, LA
10.Durham, NC

LOTS and LOTS more to go!


Anonymous said...

Theres one in Jacksonville, FL if you ever go there!

Joan said...

We need to meet in Greensboro some time.