Thursday, June 11, 2009

I Love Sarcasm, Don't Get Me Wrong...

So, as part of our deal for Vegas, we got two free show tickets to see any Cirque Du Soleil Show or Disney's The Lion King. Once you got a trip confirmation email, you needed to go to this other website with a confirmation number and from there choose the top three show choices that you wanted to go to. I went to the website and put in the top three choices.

Immediately, I got an email saying that I would get a response within 72 hours saying which show we would be going to. So, I waited. And waited. And waited. Six days later, I had given up on them. So I went back to the website where you make your selection, hoping to find a contact email or phone number to call if you didn't get the email. No email address or phone number. I checked the email they had sent saying I would get a response, but no contact info. Finally, I gave up and decided to call Travelocity to get an answer.

I got through to someone immediately at Travelocity (though of course, I couldn't understand half of what he was saying). After he read off my itinerary (which I already knew, duh), he finally understood what I was asking him. He put me on hold and came back saying he found a phone number for them on Google (teehee) and that he was going to put me on hold again to call them.

Five minutes later, he came back with an answer. Somehow he actually got in touch with someone! We're going to see The Lion King! Woo! He also said I should be getting an email confirmation from them in the next few minutes.

Here's where the sarcasm comes in. After I got off the phone, I got an email from them. Then, an hour later, I got the same email from them. Then, two hours after that, I got another email. Then, yesterday I got five more of the same email.

So, here's the question: were they being sarcastic, saying "here's your stupid email you were so worried about" or were they being stupid?

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Sam said...

Never, ever underestimate people's stupidity.

PS: When I tried to vote it said that I could not vote repeatedly, even though I only tried once.