Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Still beautiful at 46.

Happy Birthday goes out to his majesty, the king of suave, Johnny Depp.

I have to say he's the only man on Earth who makes getting older look good (to me). He seems to actually get more beautiful with age. But then again, I may be a little one-sided.

I am extremely excited for his new movie Public Enemies coming out July 1st. It is rare to get to see him play a serious part. Not that I don't love the silliness (Sleepy Hollow and POTC are two of my favorite movies), but he is also an incredibly good serious actor when he wants to be.

Anywho, happy birthday Johnny.

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Sam said...

Yeah, I also can't wait to see Public Enemies. You really can't get much better than Johnny Depp and Christian Bale. Then you go and put them in a Dillinger movie and it's freaking awesome. I'm excited to hear Christian Bale do an entire movie with a 1920's accent. He is awesome with accents.