Tuesday, August 04, 2009


You know why I like August? Because it sounds like "Autumn" and Autumn means "fall" and fall means close to winter.

There are no huge-gantic pressing deadlines.

The first Buccaneers preseason game is August 15th.

August 22nd is Appalachian Football's Fanfest day!

August 27th is my office's Fantasy Football Draft.

(I like football a bit too much, methinks)

I have no dentist appointments until August 31st, which is just a checkup.

I have no plans to drive any further than Boone.

My tomato plant, given to me by the lovely Marie, has produced many a mater and the very first one is almost ready for picking!

Why do you like/dislike August?


Joan said...

Because I love football and I get to see my Mountaineers and my son play!

Sam said...

August will be awesome for me for 2 reasons.

1. I will be closing on my house on the 17th and I will officially be a homeowner!

2. Hopefully whatever kind of plateau I hit in July will lift and I'll start losing weight again.