Friday, August 14, 2009

Because silver 9/11 $20 bills aren't tacky enough.

So, I'm watching tv, all comfy and cozy on my couch one afternoon. I was probably watching Jeopardy, since it's pretty much my favorite tv show right now, because everything else is crap. It's a commercial break. A new commercial starts showing highlights of President Obama's campaign and really American-esque things. Like fireworks. I start to feel all warm and fuzzy inside thinking 'yes, yes I can'. And then, the tagline come on.

"To commemorate the inauguration of our 44th president with a well known American icon, introducing, (cha cha cha chia) Chia Obama".

Really. Honest to God. There's a Chia Obama. You can buy one and see the commercial by going here.

You know, I kind of actually want one of those. For my desk at work. I think I would be much more motivated to do something other than play on the internet... Maybe.


Sam said...

That is seriously racist! But still hilarious. Where is Chia Bush or Chia Clinton? That commercial seriously looks like something from SNL!

limo hire said...

its true every else in crap its take commercial break. but its hilarious.