Monday, October 12, 2009


So my cat Meatwad has been in and out of the vet three times since July with the same problem: a blocked up urethra. Basically, he has kidney sand, the kitty equivalent to kidney stones. This means he couldn't pee. That is very bad. It stressed me out a lot and I worried constantly whether or not he would recover properly.

He's been home now for two weeks since his last visit. And he is peeing. But I guess part of his "healing process" is to pee where ever the hell he wants, because he has decided to make my couch his toilet. GRRRRR!!

It has been a goal in my life not to turn out like my mother, in the pet department anyways. She has never NOT had four to five cats wondering in and out of her life. And there's only ONE litter box that she has for them all to use. So they're pretty bad about peeing where ever the hell they want and making her house smell funky. But she tries and at least she spays and neuters any cat that chooses her for an owner.

The point is, though, that I didn't want a stinky house. My brother and his family went to the APP game with me this past Saturday and on their way back down the mountain stopped off at my house on Saturday. And of course, Meatwad had just peed on the couch. A lOT. This was very upsetting to me because of course, my brother made fun of me and called me "mom".

After they left I spent several hours cleaning my house and cursing and yelling at Meatwad. I mean, I love that cat more than anything but come on!! Two litter boxes and God forbid a sink, and you choose the couch? sheesh.

kitty in a bowl

On the bright side, he's peeing. I just hope he gets over this phase soon. I HATE having a stinky house.


Stacey said...

have the vets discussed with you WHY he's having those problems? from what i understand, male cats should have limited fish intake... it can cause exactly this problem. does the food you feed him have fish in it?
also, what brand of food do you feed? basically anything you can buy at the grocery store sucks. find a higher-end pet store (the kind that doesn't sell pets, even rabbits or birds) and talk to the salespeople. they tend to know a lot. the food is more $$, but it's worth it.

i guess wet food is the way to go with cats, too. i give mine wet 2x a day (usually) and free-feed higher-grade kibble. i think i am using evo now.

anyway, good luck!

Allison said...

Thanks for the advice Stacey! Actually, I was feeding him purina poultry favorites (didn't want fishy breath haha). But now he's only eating the Hill's Prescription cat food that's all poultry. And NO dry food at all. I may try to give him higher end kibble too, because he seems to be having a hard time putting weight back on. Thanks again!

Sam said...