Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Another Nerd Factor: American Idol

Yes, I watch American Idol. Every year I say I'm not going to but every year I do anyways. And I don't even care. Other people watch Survivor, which is pure crap to me, so I'm going to watch American Idol, which is pure crap to other people. I've also got Jared watching it, only don't tell him you know that :).

I wasn't sure who to pull for going into the top 24. I try to always pull for one favorite boy and one favorite girl. For favorite girl right now I'm pulling for Jordan Borgella, the plus size model, because she's cool. Of course after the girls perform tonight I'll make an informed decision. As far as boys go, I was going to pull for David Archuletta.

David Archuletta is a 17 year old kid with an amazing talent. He's basically everyone's favorite, so he doesn't really need my vote. Although, I wouldn't be opposed to adopting him.

Then there's this Australian hottie guy who has a lot of the other votes. Nuff said.

Then there's this guy:
Jason Castro.

Before last night's boy's performances, I'd never actually heard him sing. Last night I saw this guy perform "Daydream" with a guitar and it totally rocked to me. I'd buy his album. Plus, he's kind of cute, even though I don't really like dreads.

The point is, I'm pulling for this kid (he's 20 years old) and last night I voted for him like 100 times. Really.
Go Jason! To see a video clip of his performance or to listen to the mp3, go here.

p.s. DialIdol says he's safe! Good thing I voted 100 times.

Oh, and yes, I think he looks high too.


Joan said...

He is kinda cute but I confess I don't watch American Idol. By not watching it and Survivor I have missed out on discussions by our LeBleu 5 gallon water cooler at work.

Carmen Eckard said...

don't watch american idol, but i have a weakness for dreads. i love love love them.

KariBeri said...

Oh i think he is a cutie too, but yet I like strange dudes. But yet I have a thing for dave cook guy that sang the bon jovi song during tryouts. I hate bon jovi and the guy made it sound good!

Carmen Eckard said...

mmm. i probably still won't watch american idol, cause jon is always home then, and i doubt he'll have that...but i just listened to that guy, and i like him a lot. made me go "mmmm mmm mmmm".

Allison said...

Don't worry about it, in the end it won't even matter ;)

Carmen, I figured you'd like him.

Kari, I liked David too and I was going to vote for him last night until I saw Jason C. :)

Alisa Ryan said...

He's cute! My mom called me to tell me that some guy on American Idol reminded her of Matt when he smiled... I think this is the guy!

Allison said...

Alisa, I'd say that guy definitely looks like Matt when he smiles!