Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Man, the Myth, the Legend.

Sometimes when I listen to Beck, I'm thinking, 'WTF?'.

And other times, like today, I listen and all I can think is, 'what a flippin' genius'.  Beck is a truly amazing artist.  It could just be hormones talking.

Beck has been my all time favorite artist since 1994, when I was 12 and heard "Loser" for the first time.  I go through some long periods without listening, and then when one of his songs gets shuffled in on my ipod, I have to switch to only Beck for a few days.

I recommend "Debra" from Midnite Vultures.  And "Go it Alone" from Guero.  Of course, there are a million other brilliant Beck songs.

He really really really needs to come to North Carolina on tour again.  I've only seen him once, in 1996, which was the LAST TIME he has played a show in NC.  Dork. :)

Oh, and it just occurred to me, Jared really does look like Beck!! I'm the luckiest girl alive!
Hottie Too Trottie

Friday, March 26, 2010

Day off

Saturday is my sole "day off" this week.  What should I do?
Unfortunately, Jared is working all day :(  I am working all day today, which is his sole day off.

Options for day off:

A) NOTHING.  This seems to be the one I'm leaning towards, but I have soooo much I need to do.

B) Go shopping. I have no real money (all my Outback money goes to wedding) but I need some new pants, pronto! They are all are too big! :)

C) Go to Gym.  Hmmm.. maybe if I get up early *snort*

D) Clean.  Ha!

E) Go to Mom's house.   She invited me down for girls' night with my nieces (Elora and Madelyn) and her friend Janet.  I haven't been down there since Christmas Eve, maybe I need to be doing this.. but..

F) Hang out with Carmen, if she's home. I miss Carmen, having not been able to go to trivia for two weeks now due to working.  Maybe I can convince her to go with me to my Mom's house for a few hours Saturday night. 

P.S. I created a pseudo-finished wedding website here: HERE!!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Urban Outfitters

I'm willing to bet the reason this woman looks so downright unhappy is her pants.

I mean, are these supposed to be pretty?  I'm no fashionista, obviously.  But those are ridiculously ugly.  On a whole new level of ugly.  I bought an open cardigan from Urban Outfitters that I love so then I went back to look at what's new.  I had to pause and go back to this several times to see how horrible they are over and over again.  You can oggle the ugly here.

Monday, March 08, 2010


What's amazing?  It's amazing how fast our bodies deteriorate. 

Last night was first night training as an Outbacker.  I have to say, I'm loving it so far.   I was supposed to just be following around my trainer all night, but I ended up handling a few tables mostly by myself (I still needed help for some things).  The point is, I picked up on it pretty quick and it rules. 

Here's the thing though, I worked for 6 hours and when I got home last night my back was KILLING me.  And then I woke up around 4 am and my legs were KILLING me.  WTF?  Am I falling apart already?  I'm 27 and I can't handle 6 hours on my feet?  I work out 4-5 times a week, I try hard to eat healthy.  What is wrong with me?  Maybe I just have to get used to it or something, but I don't remember being in this much pain after one night at Sagebrush.  Of course, Sagebrush wasn't exactly a lot of work most of the time. 

I'm sure if I went back and read my "Brush" (that's what I used to call Sagebrush) related blogs, I would find some complaining in there. 

Anywho here's to hoping I get used to it, because I have a loooong way to go before I can afford to get married. 

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

American Idol 10

I'm in a foul mood right now for some reason.  Damn headache.  And I couldn't sleep last night due to nightmares.  It was a really weird one but I won't go into details because it's just not worth reliving. 

I already broke my New Year's Resolution about blogging 8 times a month.  Stupid February being all short and stuff.  Ah well I'm still trying.

I know no one watches American Idol anymore, but for those of you who do, I'm going to share my pick for the year.  I don't really think this person will win,  but so far he is my favorite.

Alex Lambert!

No, not Adam Lambert.  I'm talking about someone with actual talent, not someone who screams!  Also, I love the mullet.  I mean, I think he's just growing it so people will remember him, which is fine by me. 

I'd share with you a video of him performing last night, but that's a lot of work.  Go google it or something. 

None of the girls this year really stand out for me except that chick with the gray hair, Lilly Scott.   If Alex goes and she stays, I'll vote for her.

Next year when Simon is off the show, I swear it to you I will not be watching.

Monday, March 01, 2010

Guess What Comes Out Friday!!!

Johnny Depp in 3D!!  Or, in other words, Alice in Wonderland!  Who's excited? Me.  
In other news, I got a part time job.  At Outback.  I am super excited.  I've always loved their food.  In college, it was a special treat to make the drive to Blowing Rock for Outback once in a while.  It was a tradition for Carmen and I.  Anytime our parents came to town, we said "take us to Outback!".  My family even took me there for my graduation dinner.   And now? I get to work there.  And eat with a discount (there AND Carraba's).   This is a good thing people!  Now, if I can just save up enough to have the lavish, extravagant wedding I dream of.