Wednesday, April 13, 2005

american idol again

ok here's my review for all of you hanging on the edge of your seat waiting..

Nadia: ok.. she's good but that song was boring.

Blow Bice: EJROIEWJRO my ears were bleeding after he ruined one of my favorite songs with his incessant whining. "bye bye baby i'm a caveman.. and i can not sing a note" (hehe i crack myself up) come on, you have to admit it suckedd, even if you are part of the "Bice Squad"

Anwar: wonderful.. what a great voice. i hope HE wins.

Anthony: for the first time in a long time, he actually sang well. i'm happy for him.

Vonzell: beautiful. i even took the time to vote for her last night along with Anwar and Constantine.

Scott: Shew.. not good. ok during the chorus. .the rest though... *shudder* i felt sorry for Hall & Oates who were in the audience. they said it was great, but come on, they pretty much had to. you know what they were really thinking: Shew!.... *shudder*

Carrie: ok i admit, i missed it.. so i can't review her. . but i'm sure she did good.

Constantine: when he first said what he was singing, my first thought was "please don't butcher my favorite song".. i LOVE that song. who doesn't? and then when he so wonderfully bellowed out the first line... i breathed a sigh of relief.. WONDERFUL.. he almost mimicked Freddy Mercury exactly.. It was goose bumpy good. i'm so happy he did so great.

there you have it.. tell me what you think.

i'll write more tomorrow after the results show.


Katie said...

Carrie did a good job singing "Love is a Battlefield", but the judges didn't like it. Scott was once one of my favorites, but after last week and last night, he's gone way down on my list! It's almost like he's lost his passion for singing. Constantine scared me again- he went into creepy-stalker-guy yet again and gave me the willies.

Allison said...

hehe he .. you amuse me..