Thursday, April 21, 2005

Anwar <3

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I'm so sad.. i loved Anwar.. I hate to see him go.. sure, his song choices were often boring, but he was still better than scott, anthony, and especially Blow Bice. Anwar was the first person I picked out during the audition phase which i wanted to go all the way. who can forget those awesome tan with pinstripe pants and that kickass hat he was wearing the first time we saw him? i did all i could. i voted. and voted. and voted. and voted for him.. I want to cry, but since i'm at work and it would look weird, and actually be weird, i won't.

So, I'll say this,
Farewell Anwar, May you have the most successful idol cast-off album in history.


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Katie said...

Um, I posted a comment on here yesterday, but it went away....
So, I looked up the lyrics of Constantine's song that he did this week so that I could get it right-

"Well, I have to follow you
Though you didn’t want me to.
But that won’t stop my lovin’ you
I can’t stay away"

Um, need I say more about his creepy-stalker status? Eek!