Friday, April 01, 2005

i gave blood

OK so yesterday around 2 pm i get an email at work that says "we need blood, give us blood", well maybe that's paraphrased but anyways so i decide, "hey, i need to donate, i'm type O positive and i've never done it before, why not?"so i decide to go give blood.

i get there and they're all so nice to me cause i'm a first time donor, they're funny and stuff and i go through with it... but then..
i sit down afterwards to eat my cookie which i had been dyin for since i saw one sitting on the table in front of the chair where i gave blood... i take one bite of it, and then start feelin kinda hot... and then kinda dizzy... and then i realized i couldn't move, i was just hunched over the table with a bad feelin.. well then like three people 'rushed' over to me and started askin me if i was ok, i said "a little hot, a little dizzy" so they pulled me up and put me in a special chair, started fanning me off, gave me an icepack, took a wet papertowel to mop the sweat off my face, and even held up my drink (sunkist (the devil)) with a bendy straw for me to drink!
it was crazY!
i thought i was gonna pass out! but i started feeling better once i was leaning back.
all the old people were like, "hey, it happens every once in a while, even to people that have been donating all their life, don't let this stop you from donating again... come back in 56 days, you'll do fine next time... oh it's only because you went to the gym today.. next time you'll have to eat right before you come in... blah....blah...blah"
hmmm... we'll see if i ever decide to be a good person again.

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