Wednesday, April 06, 2005

BLOW bice

ok ok, don't anybody get offended now, but .. I HATE BO BICE!! seriously, i don't see why he keeps getting votes. he can't sing. not at all. sure he has "stage presence", but so does britney spears. and news flash, she can't sing.. also, he looks like a cave man.!!!! a neanderthal. straight outta the ice age.. just slap some dirt on his HUGE forehead and give him an animal skin dress, and there you go, cave man. BLEH!!! now i'm not saying that Constantine can sing any better, but at least he's sorta hot. here's how this whole thing should go: Bo next, then anthony, scott, niko, and well, then i don't know.. i love anwar, but he's been a tad boring lately..
anyways just to wrap it all up .. bo blows.

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