Monday, July 18, 2005

cool weekend.

i had an awesome weekend, so i feel like sharing.

friday: charlie and the chocolate factory with katie.
AWESOME movie. johnny is outstanding!!
the chocolate was beautiful, the colors were beautiful!
i loved it!!
then to kohl's to try and find katie's slingblade-esque appstate friend. no good, he was off.
then to tap room, for beers with andrea. i thought i saw trey at the bar, so katie called him, no good, he was in asheville drunk. but he told katie that we were welcome to go to his apartment and hang out and drink his beer.. he even told katie that he left a key on the porch .. hehe...
so we decided we should pull a prank and go to his apartment and take a bunch of pictures inside with some random object from my car, and then leave it in some obscure place in his apartment. we figured since he was drunk, he wouldn't remember telling us to go to his apartment.. then we were gonna have random people email the pictures to him.. heheh..
BRILLIANT!! but then we got to his house and couldn't find the damn key!! oh well. it WAS a great idea...
so then i went over to carmen's for Poker. put in five dollars and almost immediately lost it.. dustin got upset over some unsavory advice on satterfield's part.. so then he went out and we went to the WAHO. good food, retarded waitress.. i really don't care about your dogs lady.. if i did, i would ask.
so then we went back and hung out for a little bit........................not much else ;)

got home at 3 am!!

got up at 8 am! and andrea, katie, cathy, and i headed for carowinds and had an awesome time!! see pictures in my flickr.. of course right before we left that morning, i stepped on a piece of glass, so all day long i'm having to be careful walking.. and i got sunburnt all to hell, and SOOOOOOO bloody tired. but hey, it was worth it! definitely had fun.. we rode SOOOOO many rides... the new BORG Assimilator ride kicks so much ass. you lay down and go upside down. the hour long wait was completely worth it..
but then we rode some water rides, which were super cool.. definitely the best way to end the day..
stopped at shoney's on the way home. and saw cathy's super cute dog.. bought a lotto ticket in south carolina, so i can get out of debt :)
the plan was for me to then go to a party in charlotte, to see some friends i hadn't seen in years.. but by the time i took a shower, i was so bloody tired and in so much pain (foot and burn) that all i could do was go to sleep.. *sigh* i suck.

here's the crazy part. well not really, i don't consider it crazy but some might..
i went to charlotte to meet. .... a boy!! yes, i met a boy, a boy that i've been talking to on the internet for a while.. i know, "the internet" is decieving, i could get abducted, it never works out.. all that shit, but i don't care. i had fun, and he is really nice..
he took me to this parking deck (haha, don't judge) in charlotte, the 7th street station. it's really cool, you walk around outside and there are these panels that you push on and it plays sounds.. it's so awesome... there is even a riddle posted outside and we SOLVED it.! yay! when you solve the riddle, it plays you a song and lights up all pretty! it was so oooooooo cool. i would love to post pics of it, but my stupid camera wouldn't work. that's what i get for leaving my good one at home. oh well. then we went to eat, had some good conversation and pizza, and beer. then we went to the movies to see war of the worlds.. which is a weird movie.. it's REALLY good until the end, when you're just like.. "wait a minute. that doesn't make any sense. none at all"... oh well.
so anyways i had a really good time.. and i hugged him good night.. cause it was a proper date..
had fun..
got home at 11 and went immediately to sleep after a good long weekend..
now, if only i could go back to sleep.


Katie said...

YAY FUN WEEKEND!!! I hope Trey doesn't read your blog- we still need to attempt the prank again sometime! Carowinds was AWESOME!!! I'm sorry about your sunburn and foot. =( No good. I'm glad you had a good time with your internet boy! A proper date? Look at you all wholesome and stuff! ;)
I woke up this morning with a killer tummy ache- don't know if I caught something at Carowinds or not. I feel better now, but still too weak to go to work. We'll chat tomorrow though!

Allison said...

trey doesn't usually read my blog.. and he knew EXACTLY who messed up his porch.. so we'll have to wait a while for the next time.. but we'll still get it done. and i know, i AM wholesome. sorry bout your tummy ache.

Allison said...
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