Thursday, July 07, 2005

you swept me away

ok, so everyone in the hick-o-ry area knows all of this but so what.. it's been raining all day and everyone's all talking about the hurricane comin through NC.. well up here in Catawba County we definitely got to see it. i went to the gym for lunch, and it was all rainy and shit, but not bad. then, as i was walking on the treadmill, i noticed the rain start to get heavier, and heavier.. and the sky get darker and darker... then one of the Yployees went to one of the tvs and turned up the volume (which NEVER happens) .. so i turned off my ipod and listened: tornado warning in effect for catawba county, nc til 1:30 pm. Great. for those of you who don't remember weather class in 7th grade, warning means that there has actually been a sighting of a funnel cloud. so then they made all of us leave the workout room and go into the spinner room and sit there for like 20 minutes. being the genius that i am, i noticed the big radio in the room and found a local station, so we could listen to the weather report. "well, from our cameras on the water tower in lenoir, we can see the funnel cloud moving over northwest catawba county (hickory). it appears to be moving through downtown (where the Y is) and now up towards NE hickory (where my house is)... " etc. etc. etc. that's friggin crazy.. luckily, it did very minimal damage to hickory, at least the parts i saw coming back in from lunch. when the finally let us leave, the little creek that runs past the Y was definitely breaching the normal banks and over the little footbridge..
argh!! my house is going to blow away!


Katie said...

Yep- good times in Catawba yesterday! I was sent to the basement of my office for 30 minutes. Good times. Not to mention the downpour that I had to walk through to get to work. Cindy was a bitty.

Allison said...

she kicked ass and took names!