Thursday, July 28, 2005

this is the end

i am formally ending my blog now. this is the last one. i have enjoyed having a blog, but now this blog is no longer able to offer me the one thing that blogs are supposed to be able to offer, freedom. freedom to write whatever i want about whatever i want, how i'm feeling and such, without having to worry about pissing anyone off. i know i only have one, maybe two readers. but one of my possible readers is someone who i have something to say about, and since i'd rather them not read about it (i'd rather tell them straight to their face how i really fuckin feel about them right now), i'm just not going to write about it. i'd like to, but i don't want to take any chances. i'd like to write about how incredibly pissed off i am at this person for doing what they've been doing, but i can't. if i don't get the oppurtunity to tell them to their face, then i may write about it. eventually. but not here.

thanks for the few months of outlet that you've provided, but now it's time to say goodbye.


Katie said...

Um... as one of your 2 readers, may I please say that a.) I am happy that I am not the one you are mad at- yikes; and b.) pleeeeeeeeeease don't stop blogging!!!! You are one of my daily stops, and it will make me sad if you stop writing!!!!!!

Allison said...

awe.... well i'll think about it. boys are just so retarded. it's a possibility that maybe one day i will. but not til i confront that person.