Thursday, August 18, 2005

part time job....

so i've been casually looking for a part time job for a couple months now.. and by casually, i mean i filled out 1 application at the bowling alley a month and a half ago. i actually wanted to work there, but i didn't call them bugging them or anything. that's not my style. so after a while i gave up on them calling me back. "whatever, i have a day job, so i'm ok" is what i told myself.

then last week i started out the week with $123.00 in my bank account. this is not good considering i still had a week to go before payday and one of my written checks had not been cashed yet. so i freaked out and did something stupid. i finally gave into carmen's beggings and told her i would get a job with her at sagebrush. she's been working at sagebrush forever now, and has constantly told me i should get a job with her. i laughed at her and made fun off all sagebrushers. they are bad, gossipy, high school dramaesque people. "i'm above that" is what i told myself. i really didn't want to work there. but last week i got desperate. so i figured what the hell. i mean, hey, carmen and satterfield work there, so it can't be all bad. i hate the food, so i won't get fat eating all the time. tim, lavere and brian, who i would consider friends, all work there, so at least i'd be among friends. plus, who knows, maybe i'll make some tips. i've never had a job as a server before. maybe it'll be fun.

so anyways i go in there on sunday, after carmen had already hyped me up to her bosses, and fill out an application. talked to two managers, patty and eric. they both like me for some reason (thanks carmen). and then tuesday i went back for my final interview. so of course i got the job. i mean, come on, look at me. i'm an employer's dream (shhh). i go in for training starting on sunday. carmen will be my trainer, which rocks, since she's the best server they've got. unfortunately, i have to cover up my tattoo with a bandaid. but hey, at least i'll be makin some extra cash.

so things are looking up.
but then.

today at like 3:30 i got a phone call. from the bowling alley. asking if i was still interested in the job.


i told her i reeeeeaaaaaally wish she had called a week ago. damn it.

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Katie said...

Oh the timing of it all!!! That's awful! I can't believe they are making you cover your tattoo! That's crazy! Like your little star is going to offend someone to the point that they will never dine at Sagebrush again! Crazy. Well, good luck- I hope you have fun, but I also hope it doesn't take over your whole week schedule!!!