Monday, August 08, 2005

fry master of the 29th birthday.

so today is my california dreamboat's 29th bday. sean, a.k.a. the fry master of all that is meat, lives in santa barbara, CA. we dated for 5 months and lived together for 3 months. then he decided boone was too fuckin cold for him, so he moved away to california. he has a friend who had moved out there, and santa barbara is like 70 degrees all year round, so he decided it was the perfect place for him. nevermind the fact that i LOVED him. nevermind the fact that i had let him live with me rent free.. i fed him and took care of him.. blah blah blah... anyways.. we didn't actually break up, it was just kinda obvious. but last year i went to santa barbara to see him for his bday. it was a great closure. sure, he was a big loser pothead who worked at mickey d's 3rd shift. but we had fun. and he was sweet. and he gave it up all the time. but now, he's gone. and this is all the birthday message he gets this year. (by the way he doesn't have internet).
so happy bday fry master.

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