Monday, August 08, 2005

turns out i missed my blog.

ok so i guess my weekend was pretty uneventful. .
friday night i went to longhorn with the rents, had a mack daddy ass ny strip, med rare with asparagus.. mmmm..... then went with my brother to tremont to see his friend eddy's band. the drummer happenned to be a guy i went to high school with, scott jenkins. i told him he needed to eat a hamburger cause he looked like he was a crackhead. i don't think he liked that too much. i can't help i don't like skinny boys. while i was there, a guy came up to me and said, "hey, is your name allison?" i was like, yea.. (looking at him... trying to figure out who the hell this guy is).
he said "do you know who i am?"
my mind was racing, who is this? i thought, is this that guy i made out with months ago at the cowboy mouth concert? i take off his hat, brown hair. nope.
"i don't know!" i say.
"you and michelle used to go to my church!!"
oh yeah!! jonathan mills! michelle (who was my bf from 7th through 11th grade) had a crush on him and so we used to go to church and annoy him into being our friend. i lived with michelle for a while in 10th grade and we actually went twice a week. which was weird for me since i've always been agnostic. oh well.. it didn't ruin me too much.
then my bro and i went to a party at his friend nick's house. i used to have a MAJOR crush on nick, back in ninth grade when he moved here from michigan.. and i didn't know his name. my brother knew this. so he told me one day that he found out his name which was josh leaves. so i was all "I love josh leaves" blah blah blah. then i called him josh once in the hall. he looked at me with a very bewildered look. his name wasn't josh. it was nick. what a dick i have for a brother. so anyways. we're cool now, and he's one of my brother's best friends. and friday night they told me they were gonna start a band called Josh Leaves. great. fantastic. i'm ecstatic to hear that 8 years later they're still pickin on me for that. assholes. but i also ran into my friend elizabeth at the party, who i havn't seen in like 3 years. that was cool, except she's a dirty vegetarian now. but i still love her.
saturday was uneventful.. watchin babies, wishin i had one ( but not really). eatin steak.. mmm.. steak .. ran into more people i know in the grocery store...
sunday i went to the pool all day with elora and madelyn and my mom.. of course elora went too deep and went under the water and i had to jump in and pull her out. i swear i love that child like she was my own.. but she's so damn hardheaded... babies.

haven't heard form the boy....


Katie said...

HA! I love that you told a boy who you hardly know that he looks like a crackhead! This is why we're friends- because you have the guts to say things that I am thinking!

Allison said...

haha!! thanks katie!! see in 8th grade he signed my yearbook: "i hate hippies".. and i always remembered he looks like a big hippy too. haha!!