Monday, August 29, 2005

holy crap for crap

i couldn't think of anything else for a title, so there you go.. katie said it was my turn to blog, so i'm blogging..
sagebrush is going well so far... i'm meeting a lot of new people, and getting better aquainted with some people. tomorrow (tuesday, 30th of August) is my last day of training then i actually get to start making tips. YAY. i guess i like it so far, even though it's hot, and i don't move as fast as i used to. plus, covering up my tattoo sucks. but i don't care. can't wait to make some cash, because i just found out that next october (2006) i may be going to the Cayman Islands for Dress like a pirate week! all i have to pay for is the plane ticket.. and food of course. that's gonna friggin rock....

but on friday night i found out some sad news.. dustin is leaving for the army on sept. 14th.
*sigh* that'll probably be the last i ever see or hear of him.... since apparently when he comes back, he's moving to tennessee. go army and all, but damn. i'll miss you, you ass.

in other news, saturday was pretty cool because i went to BOONE with katie and daniel and had the best sandwich in the world at Mellow Mushroom, the philly steak and cheese with sprouts. It's SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO good. and i hadn't had one since i lived in boone. i miss that place! it was also really cool to reminisce with katie and daniel about good times in the highlands.

sunday was cool as well, since i got to hang out with b and eric during the day. and at around 730 carmen called me to the tap room, where Satterfield was tapping the night away to a jazz band. that was AWESOME. he is so good, he could win So you think you can dance.

so anyways.. one bit of bad news, but the rest of the weekend was pretty cool.. we'll see how this sagebrush thing works out...


Katie said...

You should've called!!! I would've loved to see him at the Tap Room! (Properly named for his talent, no?) That sounds like fun.
Boone rocked. We'll go back again soon.

Allison said...

ooh ooh sorry i didn't call.. but he'll be doing this every sunday night for a while now!!! so next sunday you should join us!!!