Friday, April 29, 2005

fun stuff

last night i went to my first minor league baseball game!
the hickory crawdads, and they rocked. we won with a home run in the bottom of the ninth. yay!

and then i beat carmen and satterfield at spades with dustin ( ;) ). it was the first time i beat them in like 4 years. i got 3 nils because i rock.

in other news, BLOW BICE was arrested for cocaine possesion a few years ago. . just makes you think. you never really know what kind of PUNK you are voting for these days. good thing i would've rather ripped out my own eyeballs with a fork than vote for that neanderthal.


Thursday, April 28, 2005

my bday

Saturday is my 23rd Birthday!!!

The plan is to go to king's dominion with my peeps in the raleigh durham croud. but it looks like rain, so who knows what we'll end up doing.. erf.

So far, from my aunt, i got a really cool silver bracelet.
from my brother alan i got two wookie action figures
and from my mom i got a kick ass darth vader voice changer!

i am such a geek. but oh well.


well, i have officially stopped watching idol for the season, no need to anymore. i hope vonzell wins, but now i really don't care. i'm not punking out, i just honestly don't feel obligated to watch anymore since last night. oh well! time to move on with life.

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Anwar <3

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I'm so sad.. i loved Anwar.. I hate to see him go.. sure, his song choices were often boring, but he was still better than scott, anthony, and especially Blow Bice. Anwar was the first person I picked out during the audition phase which i wanted to go all the way. who can forget those awesome tan with pinstripe pants and that kickass hat he was wearing the first time we saw him? i did all i could. i voted. and voted. and voted. and voted for him.. I want to cry, but since i'm at work and it would look weird, and actually be weird, i won't.

So, I'll say this,
Farewell Anwar, May you have the most successful idol cast-off album in history.


Thursday, April 14, 2005


well, i have to admit, i was sad to see nadia go, but ecstatic to finally see blow in the bottom two.. although after seeing his reaction to being in the bottom three, i kinda don't hate him as much.. it was kind of funny and i realized how much of redneck he is.. and then earlier he had said something about something being "all gravy".. which is one of my favorite sayings..
don't get me wrong, i still think his singing blows and he looks like a neanderthal, but i don't hate him quite as much now.
Constantine rocks!

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

american idol again

ok here's my review for all of you hanging on the edge of your seat waiting..

Nadia: ok.. she's good but that song was boring.

Blow Bice: EJROIEWJRO my ears were bleeding after he ruined one of my favorite songs with his incessant whining. "bye bye baby i'm a caveman.. and i can not sing a note" (hehe i crack myself up) come on, you have to admit it suckedd, even if you are part of the "Bice Squad"

Anwar: wonderful.. what a great voice. i hope HE wins.

Anthony: for the first time in a long time, he actually sang well. i'm happy for him.

Vonzell: beautiful. i even took the time to vote for her last night along with Anwar and Constantine.

Scott: Shew.. not good. ok during the chorus. .the rest though... *shudder* i felt sorry for Hall & Oates who were in the audience. they said it was great, but come on, they pretty much had to. you know what they were really thinking: Shew!.... *shudder*

Carrie: ok i admit, i missed it.. so i can't review her. . but i'm sure she did good.

Constantine: when he first said what he was singing, my first thought was "please don't butcher my favorite song".. i LOVE that song. who doesn't? and then when he so wonderfully bellowed out the first line... i breathed a sigh of relief.. WONDERFUL.. he almost mimicked Freddy Mercury exactly.. It was goose bumpy good. i'm so happy he did so great.

there you have it.. tell me what you think.

i'll write more tomorrow after the results show.

Thursday, April 07, 2005

UN American Idol

After watching American Idol last night I have only one thing to say: WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE!?!?!?!?!?!?!? The three people who sang the worst were safe last night!! Blow Bice and Anthony didn't even get into the bottom three, and they were absolutely TERRIBLE! I was at least happy to see Scott in the bottom two, after his disturbingly ear-wrenching version of "The Impossible Dream" (Cervantes would be rolling in his grave). But then, instead of letting the asshole go, you let Nikko go. Granted, Nikko isn't the greatest singer, but he's a HELL of lot better than 9th place in that competition. How could anyone with two (hell, even one) ear possibly think that Blow Bice, Anthony, or Scott were better than Nikko..? It's just wrong. WRONG I TELL YOU! I'm almost done venting here.. just let me say one more thing. If any one of those three wins, I swear I am never watching that show again, and I'm going to boycott it. If i have to, I will storm the AI studios and demand that the creators shut it down for being an atrocity! We shouldn't let America's preteens decide on music anymore.. it's just ... it's gonna be bad.

Oh and one more thing. Just so you know, I voted. I voted for the best. I won't say who, *cough! COughnstantine! Cough!* but I did vote.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

i hate bo bice

fag bice
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here you go "bice squad" .. a picture depicting Blow Bice in his natural state as a cave man.

BLOW bice

ok ok, don't anybody get offended now, but .. I HATE BO BICE!! seriously, i don't see why he keeps getting votes. he can't sing. not at all. sure he has "stage presence", but so does britney spears. and news flash, she can't sing.. also, he looks like a cave man.!!!! a neanderthal. straight outta the ice age.. just slap some dirt on his HUGE forehead and give him an animal skin dress, and there you go, cave man. BLEH!!! now i'm not saying that Constantine can sing any better, but at least he's sorta hot. here's how this whole thing should go: Bo next, then anthony, scott, niko, and well, then i don't know.. i love anwar, but he's been a tad boring lately..
anyways just to wrap it all up .. bo blows.

Monday, April 04, 2005

TIRED.......... AGAIN

had an interesting weekend. drove 3 hours to get to durham to see "b" and maksim. went to walmart to buy hairclippers at midnight and discovered the "midnight madness" release of the star wars toys. so i bought five figures (anakin, padme, obiwan, darth vader, and yoda), a cereal box with vader on it, and a DARTH TATER. i'm so happy! .... then on sat. we drove 4 hours to get to kings dominion with closed 30 minutes after we got there due to rain. yay. but they did give us free tickets to come back, which is likely to happen on my birthday, the 30th.. we'll see. so we went to a civil war museum in richmond which was kinda cool.. i saw 150 year old blood on this surgeon's kit. and then they had a boardwalk with quotes on it and one was from april 4, 1865, by abe lincoln: "thank god i lived to see this day" (refering to the seize of richmond and the end of the war). this quote is from 6 days before he died.. cool eh?. then i did nothing but sleep, watch friends, and sleep for the rest of the weekend. kick ass.

Friday, April 01, 2005

Everyone is Entitled To My Opinion

Everyone is Entitled To My Opinion

canadians are funny with their floppy heads and beady eyes.





not that i don't like work.. cause i do.. but at five i get to drive 3 hours to durham so we can go to kings dominion tomorrow. yay... plus, i'm going stir crazy.. GRRRRRRR

i gave blood

OK so yesterday around 2 pm i get an email at work that says "we need blood, give us blood", well maybe that's paraphrased but anyways so i decide, "hey, i need to donate, i'm type O positive and i've never done it before, why not?"so i decide to go give blood.

i get there and they're all so nice to me cause i'm a first time donor, they're funny and stuff and i go through with it... but then..
i sit down afterwards to eat my cookie which i had been dyin for since i saw one sitting on the table in front of the chair where i gave blood... i take one bite of it, and then start feelin kinda hot... and then kinda dizzy... and then i realized i couldn't move, i was just hunched over the table with a bad feelin.. well then like three people 'rushed' over to me and started askin me if i was ok, i said "a little hot, a little dizzy" so they pulled me up and put me in a special chair, started fanning me off, gave me an icepack, took a wet papertowel to mop the sweat off my face, and even held up my drink (sunkist (the devil)) with a bendy straw for me to drink!
it was crazY!
i thought i was gonna pass out! but i started feeling better once i was leaning back.
all the old people were like, "hey, it happens every once in a while, even to people that have been donating all their life, don't let this stop you from donating again... come back in 56 days, you'll do fine next time... oh it's only because you went to the gym today.. next time you'll have to eat right before you come in... blah....blah...blah"
hmmm... we'll see if i ever decide to be a good person again.