Monday, August 21, 2006

karma dilemma

let's get serious here for a minute. i'm going to talk about crack. crack is a vile dispicable drug that ruins people. it ruins families, it ruins lives. crack can turn even the smartest kid into a disgusting, putrid excuse for a human being that will stop at nothing to get money for more crack.

crack is the biggest reason why my family is so damn disfunctional. it happened when i was in middle school and early high school. my brother was a crackhead. my oldest brother. it took us forever to get through it. it took lots of money, a divorce (my parents), jail time, and the hatred of his fifteen year old sister (not to mention the rest of his family) for him to get through it. but we finally did and by the time i was 18 we were pretty much okay.

then, about 2 years ago, right before i moved to hickory, it happened again. this time, it ended HIS marriage. it caused him to go bankrupt. he lost his house, he only sees his young daughter every other weekend or so. his family, which finally learned to trust him again, lost any and all hope of that ever happening again. i went for a month without speaking to him. i didn't even want to see him.

but eventually things seemed to brighten. he went to live with my dad up in the mountains and that seemed to get him out of it. my family is apparently over it. but deep down i still can't stand him. i don't like to talk to him or be around him for extended periods of time. my own brother and i can barely force myself to love him.

so what would you do if you found yourself in the following situation, having had this happen to your family:

i was at o'chuck's restaurant the other night with a bunch of people from the brush. we were all talking and having fun and blah blah blah. one of the cooks who i don't know real well was there, and having a few drinks. he starts to tell me a story about some bullshit or another, but starts it out by telling us that he sells crack. crack! i stopped his story right there and asked him why. he said it was for the money. i tried to explain to him that crack ruins people and families. i'm pretty sure i said something about how crack makes people's loved ones wish they were dead.

ok, so i had had 2 or 3 mixed drinks at this point. but i still stand by trying to make him feel bad. i don't think it worked though. jared was trying to keep me tame. and it's a good thing he was sitting between me and the crack dealer because i definitely think if i had kept going i would have had to punch him. and i've never in my life punched someone i wasn't related to.

would it be wrong of me to notify the police that someone has admitted to me that they're a crack dealer? i know his name, where he works and what kind of car he drives.

the brush would have to hire a new cook. and i'm pretty sure at least jared would know it was me. but he told me he wouldn't care if i told the police (he doesn't like the guy either).

so what would you do?


Katie said...

Yikes. I'd be worried that he would know it was you who told. Does he know your last name and where you live? You need to quit that job. So does Jared. There are some sketchy people working there.

Allison said...

he doesn't know where i live, and i don't know about the last name. i know i need to quit, but not because of sketchy people.. he's really the only really sketchy one there. i'm not really worried whether he would know i told though. hmm.

phaupster said...

i think if you could keep one family from being in such a crappy situation, it would be worth it. however, there was the one girl who worked there who told the superintendant that i bought crack from her because she thought i ratted her out. so beware of revenge.

sam said...

You know, as much as it probably seems like a good idea to turn this guy in, I say don't do it. I mean, sure, you could report it to the police, but I doubt they'd actually do anything. After all, they can't just go and search the guy without some type of probable cause. Plus, as you mentioned, crackheads will stop at nothing to get what they want, so even if this guy is off the streets, his clientele will just get their fix somewhere else.

I honestly don't think it's worth the possible repercussions either. If this guy did somehow find out that you reported him to police, who knows what he might try to do to you.

Obviously this guy is scum and karma will eventually deal with him one way or another, so there's no reason for you to intervene and risk getting hurt. Try to take solace in the fact that one of these days he'll get caught by police or some crazy crackhead will beat the shit out of him.

phaupster said...

valid points, sam. big delimma.

Allison said...

man i hope some crazy crackhead beats the shit out of him.