Monday, August 07, 2006

meatwad's soon-to-be-ex nuts

is it wrong that i'm excited about taking my cat to be neutered next week?
he's only 4.5 months old, but i think it's time. carmen's moving in next week, and cheddar has not been spayed, so this is the best thing. of course, they are moving in on the 12th, and the appointment isn't until the 15th. but i think as much as cheddar hates meatwad, there won't be any copulation. i hope. i also hope against hope that this will calm him down. i love him so much, but he is a mean little fucker. i have scratches like all over body from where i'll just be sitting on the couch and he'll run up and claw me and then run away. i yell at him, which i know does nothing. i don't know what else to do. i'm also thinking that with cheddar and bertha (the dog) moving in with carmen, that this will calm him down some too. after carmen moves, i may get meatwad a friend. we'll see. i really want a pug, but i can't do this until i quit sagebrush. i have to dedicate time to the beast.

things seem to be going great with jared. except he doesn't like the nickname of big pete. he thinks it's weird. so i guess i'll just call him jared.

dustin (OMG!) texted me last week for the first time in months. i was at jared's when he texted me. i'm sure i know what he wanted (booty call). but i've got a main squeeze now. so i told him that. and i'm sure that disappointed him. too bad for him. i just now typed something comparing the two. but then i remembered that dustin used to read this blog... maybe still does... so i erased it. i'm not going to be mean. i'll just say i wish that me and dustin could be friends. but JUST friends.

i'm tired.

wednesday i have a follow up appointment at the G-doctor. she'll be telling me any results from the biopsy, and also telling me whether or not i can "resume normal activity". it's been a LONG 2 weeks. i hope i get good news.


Katie said...

Does Big Pete not realize that nickname has stuck? Remember how hard it was to stop calling John by his nickname? I don't know if I can change...
Squirt that little booger with a spray bottle. That's how we handle all discipline in our house.

Allison said...

i'm going to get a supersoaker watergun! haha!

phaupster said...

yay for carmen moving in!!!! cheddar isn't in heat anyway, so we won't have a problem before the 15th. and i'm still calling him big pete behind his back. i always call him jared to his face. i'm moving my fish in today, i think.

Allison said...

cool. i'll be home tonight.