Wednesday, August 02, 2006

last night sucked.

so last night flat out sucked. i did get to see carmen for a few minutes, so that was good. but then i went to the brush. to see big pete. at first things were fine. he was his normal, happy-go-lucky self and even made me kiss his cheek in front of everyone. i sat down at a table and ordered a burger. still good. then, a fellow brusher came in, with 4 little kids and 3 other adults. a party of 8. normally this would be fine. but it was 9:30. we close at 10. big pete was the only one left on, so of course he had to wait on them. he also had to wait on the three other tables that were there, and me. again, normally this would be fine. but there were 4 little kids. little kids leave messes. also, since there were 8 of them, they had to sit at a party table, and not in big pete's ACTUAL section. even though it wasn't his section, he still had to clean it up all by hisself and sweep everything. he wouldn't have had to do this if they hadn't come in. i'm sorry, but that's just flat out rude. especially when you work somewhere. it's different if you're ONE person (like me) and you're going to make little to no mess. but 8? with 4 little kids? rude.

so then when they FINALLY left at 10:30, big pete brought out a big pan to start bussing the tables. naturally, i walked over to the table and tried to help. he said "i got it". normally he lets me help. then, he wouldn't talk to ANYBODY in there. i kept trying to get him to say something.. anything.. but to no avail. he was in a FOUL mood and obviously i wasn't helping. so finally i just left. i did tell him i was leaving and that if he felt like it he could text me later or something. then he gave me a hug and kiss goodbye. i know he wasn't pissed at me, he was pissed at his situation. but i've NEVER seen him like that. it made me sad and scared.

so of course i didn't hear from him so at midnight i went to sleep. well, tried to go to sleep. i couldn't really because i couldn't stop thinking about things. then, i finally fell asleep. then at 12:45 he called me and apologized for being mean to me. he still wouldn't really talk.. and i could tell he was still in a foul mood, but i still felt better definitely knowing he wasn't pissed at me.

anyways i'm going to try to get him to hang out with me tonight. hopefully he'll be in a better mood!

pissy boys suck!

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phaupster said...

i'm sorry i didn't read this before then. i was at the beach with no internet. anyway...i'm sorry. that sucks. i'll see you in a bit, i hope.