Thursday, August 24, 2006

oh well

after considering everyone's comments, i've decided not to notify the police about the crack dealer. it seems like most of the time, bad people like that eventually get their come-uppins. i just hope that i hear about it when he does go to prison. and i hope that once there, he becomes some dude's bitch. that would be superb.

i've been having a lot of fun lately adjusting to having two cats and a dog in the condo. i'm starting to think maybe i DON't want a dog. not for a while anyway. my mom's trying to find a home for a 5 year old boston terrier. i wouldn't mind. they are beautiful dogs. and a 5 year old already knows how to behave, and has it's shots and is housebroken.. but.. i'm not ready yet. not until i KNOW i can walk it 3 times a day. which basically means, when there's no second job. that's what i love about cats. you don't have to pay that much attention to them once they're past the kitten stage. hell, you can leave em for a couple days with food and water and they're fine. not that i've had to do that with meatwad or anything. that's the benefit of having roommates. carmen is nice enough to feed meatwad for me on the mornings i'm not home.

the next few weeks are looking to be pretty cool. this weekend is the brush fantasy football draft. there is a big poker tourney at ace the corvetter's place, which i really hope jared will go to with me. that would be especially fun since ace's brother, who i hooked up with on new year's, will be there. ha!

then next thursday jayrod and i are going to asheville for the last thirsty thursday game of the season! fun! and on saturday katie and i are going to Raleigh for the big NC State/Appalachian game! woo! we don't actually have tickets, but we're going anyways, in hopes of "finding" some outside the gates.

i bought an Appalachian car flag yesterday in Boone, just so i could show some spirit on the way to Raleigh.

and today, i got my ticket for the Buccaneers/panthers game in November!




Katie said...


sam said...

Weird, if you ended up getting that boston terrier you'd be the 3rd person I know to get one in the past 6 months, hahaha. I don't know how a 5 year old would act, but the puppies are some of the most hyper dogs I've ever seen, seriously. Of course, I don't really like dogs that much, so that may be why the puppies annoyed me.

phaupster said...

i'm sorry if my dog has discouraged you from getting one. i walk her 3 times a day, and we know what still happens. although yesterday, no poop!

it is a little crowded with the 3 animals, but i really like it when i'm watching tv and i have the dog and cheddar on my lap and meatwad kind of wrapped around my neck. it's nice, for about 20 minutes, then that's enough.

and yay for your panthers ticket!