Monday, August 14, 2006


i thought of a subject. this is muy muy importante!!!

what should i go as for halloween yall?
don't say pirate.. that's a cop out. i went as a pirate last year.. and two years before that.. i need something else.

it's always difficult to find that one perfect costume. but i must do it!

to get you started here are a few past costumes:

last year:
yarrrrr captain red poon

year before:
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Allison as Tom Petty as The Mad Hatter

so you see, i need something equally awesome as these.


Michelle said...

Ok, totally off the subject, but you need to know this. The Avett Brothers are playing at The Orange Peel in Asheville Friday, August 25th. $13 before, $15 at the door. Will probably sell out. AWESOME venue, and it's their first time playing there! I had to let another loyal fan know. :)

sam said...

Wasn't there something else you had in mind last year? For some reason I thought you had another good idea, but then ended up going with pirate by default.

Allison said...

michelle- i didn't know you were an avett fan! or maybe i did, but i forgot.. yea i know they're playing there.. but unfortunately i'll be working! i didn't know they were playing there until last week and i'm already asking off for a day that weekend, so it's too late to get that one off..

sam - yea i was going to go as slash. didn't pan out.

Stephen said...

You should go as Isaac Hayes.

Allison said...

isaac hayes? are you going as kobe bryant?