Monday, October 16, 2006

B oo!

man. man o man. i had a BLAST in Savannah. Katie and I rode down to Savannah on friday morning to meet andrea and erica for 3 days of drunken debauchery. man, it rocked.
i drank a lot of booze, took a LOT of pictures, danced with a lot of boys, and saw a lot of really cool stuff. i don't even know where to begin. i think the highlight of the weekend was when we were on the second floor of the moon river pub, on a haunted pub crawl, when all of sudden a man ran down from the unoccupied 3rd floor scaring the CRAP out of erica and me. but that's just one of a million great stories from the weekend. i can't fathom trying to write them all here. let's just say i had a great time. i've never been on a girl's weekend before. i hope i get to do it again soon! all this funness has made me REALLy want to go somewhere for a weekend with jared. since i'm not going to the cayman's i think i'm gonna try to go november 12-14 with him. where? not sure. charleston is looking expensive for that weekend. probably myrtle beach. yea.

i'll tell you i SURE did miss him this weekend. i talked to him a LOT on the phone, even once while i was throwing up! he said it was cute, so i guess that's love.

anywho keep checking the flickr. i'll eventually get around to posting some (not all!) of the pics!

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