Thursday, October 19, 2006

don't worry. it's just a bad dream...

this week me and jared have both had some crazy dreams.

monday morning jared told me he had a dream about me.

"what was it?" i say.

"i don't want to tell you"

"you have to now"

"i had a dream that you were demanding a ring from me by christmas. and then you told me that we needed to be married by the end of next year"

..hmm.. how does one respond to that? i simply said, "i've already got a ring. i bought it from target for ten dollars so you're off the hook."

so then last night i had a dream about him. and, strangely enough, my ex beau adam. i dreamt that they were both competing for my affection. and then, i was pregnant with jared's baby. then everything went awry. i haven't told him about that one yet, but i will.

some people might say that these dreams are wishful thinking or something. i say the pregnancy dreams comes from the fact that my halloween costume this year involves me dressing up as a pregnant lady. and i bought the maternity shirt when i was with jared, and then last night tried it on over the pregnant belly i purchased from party city. he said it was cute. that's where that comes from. as much as i would like to someday have a baby, perhaps with jared, perhaps not, i'm not really ready now. i couldn't afford it. and i'm having too much fun being selfish. do you know how NOT selfish you have to be to have a baby? sheesh.

as far as his dream goes, well, that was his dream, not mine, so i don't know where he got it from.


Katie said...

Well the pregnancy explains why you are demanding to be married so soon...
Erica will be your new best friend if you have a baby, and you'll get me off the hook!

Allison said...

haha yea but it won't get you off the hook with your parents! sorry katie, not happening anytime soon :)

phaupster said...

good! cause i'm hoping we have babies around the same time, and i'm so certainly not ready for that!