Tuesday, October 17, 2006


i have finally uploaded my pictures from savannah on flickr! just remember these are only a fraction of the 300 and some odd pictures i took there. but these are all i'm posting on flickr! enjoy! click on the picture below to go to the set!
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in other news, today is my ex beau adam's 26th birthday! so happy bday to him! i'm going to call him tonight to wish him a happy birthday and ask him why my hot tub STILL doesn't work. and then i'm going to tell him that me and katie ate at the mellow mushroom in columbia on friday and i didn't even call him! he'll probably be pissed considering he LOVES mellow mushroom, and since i was in the same town as him and didn't even call. oh well.

jared is sick! poor baby has a coldish. i hope you feel better soon sweets!

and carmen is *this* close to buying the condo next door to mine with the cool bay window!! yay!! i'm so excited!

next year will the best year yet!

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phaupster said...

no joke! my realtor is taking over the contract today! can you imagine the parties we'll have? except that the pool of people i'd invite to a party is shrinking...and since your hottub isn't working yet, i'm leaning back towards the bigger one so you can use it with me!