Thursday, October 26, 2006

book meme

I've been tagged by Katie, but i really don't read that much. seems like lately i'm just too darn busy for reading (except celebrity gossip blogs).

1) One book that changed your life:
2) One book that you read more than once: Alive by Piers Paul Read
3) One book you’d want on a deserted island: To Kill a Mockingbird I guess.
4) One book that made you laugh: when i was a kid, all of the sweet valley twins books
5) One book that made you cry: Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince
6) One book you wish you’d written: i don't know.. um.. Big Fish?
7) One book you wish had never been written: Siddhartha, Old Man in the Sea, the Jungle, all of which i had to read in high school and hated. (i had to read Siddhartha in college too:P)
8) One book you’re currently reading: Miracle in the Andes
9) One book you’ve been meaning to read: The Da Vinci Code
10) Tag five people: i don't have anyone to tag, but anyone who reads this is welcome to comment.

1 comment:

sam said...

Weird, I actually read Siddhartha in high school and I really liked it. It's what got me interested in Buddhism. It's been a long time and I'd think I'd like to read it again.

I'm not gonna take the whole survey, but one book that changed my life was definitely The Zombie Survival Guide, hahaha.