Tuesday, December 19, 2006


Since when is Christmas less than a week away?!

Last week I was thinking my shopping was almost done and now somehow I've added 4 more people to my list. Who knew gaining a sister-in-law (in April my brother Alan is marrying his gf Wendy) means that I need to get her a little something? And Andrea (my old roomie) told me yesterday that she has a little something for me. And since I'll be staying with my sweetie's parents Christmas Eve I would like to get a little something for them, or at least his mother and sister.

Aye Aye Aye!

Oh, and what's all the crud about it being 70 degrees today? It IS DECEMBER! Hello!! Weather Gods! You're slacking on the job! Give me some snow! When I moved to Hickory from Kannapolis, I was told I'd see some snow in the winter. And? nothing. Two winters so far with no snow. Oh how I miss the Boone winters...

PS I've decided to forgo the telling of the worst day ever that I talked about at the end of my post about Chattanooga. I'll just say this: If that mean old witch ever comes back into the brush while I'm working I'll tell her where she can shove that shot of 7 and 7. :P (why would you want to make a stranger cry?)

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