Monday, December 04, 2006

21 days til christmas.... :O!!!!

jared got my xmas present yesterday. i have no idea what it is but i'm excited to say the least.. and now i'm really freaking because i still would like to get him something i can wrap to go along with his duke ticket. nothing huge, but something i can wrap damn it! aaaaaaaaaa and i still have to put up my christmas tree but i'm waiting for the fish to move next door.

we are doing secret santa at the brush and OF COURSE i drew the boss' name out of the basket. wee. responsibility! and speaking of responsibility i will soon begin training in the bar! yep! i will be the official thursday night bartender. that is, of course, if my background check comes out clean :)

my christmas plans are starting to shape up-ish. saturday the 23rd i will go to my ma's for christmas there. then i work christmas eve (where i will make tons of mad cash). and then on xmas day i'm going to canton to hang with jared and his family.

then waaaaaaaaay down the line on the 30th i'm going to my daddy's up in the mountains for that christmas. oh, and then of course later that night is my new years eve squared party. yall better show up!

oh yea and goooooooooo appalachian! hell yea 2 more games to go to be 2 time champions!!

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sam said...

Woohoo! I should be at your party unless something comes up. My friends might be pissed, but they always do lame shit on New Years Eve anyway, so I'd rather come up there.

Allison said...

well it's not on new year's eve anyways.. it's on new year's eve squared (the 30th)

Sam said...

Ooohhh, I get it now, hahahaha. I'm slow...