Monday, December 18, 2006

almost TOO much excitement for one weekend.

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So as you probably already know, Appalachian won their 2nd consecutive national championship game Friday night, beating UMASS 28-17. I think that might have been the most fun day I've had, ever.


-took a LOT of pictures.

-got to eat at the yum-diddily-umptious Mellow Mushroom in Chatanooga (that makes 6 different MMs)

-had my picture taken with my sign by at least 20 random people I don't know, and a few I did know, including Blue Ridge Blog's Marie, who I finally got to meet! She even blogged about meeting me (under 2nd picture). I'm still amazed I picked her out of the GINORMOUS crowd after never having actually seen her face.

-I got to meet and get an autograph from Richie Williams! I have a picture, which I will be posting later. What a nice guy.

-I got a cool face tattoo (fake of course) of Yosef, given by Ray the Weather Guy's wife. When I told her I had had him as a lab instructor at ASU she laughed and told me she was sorry. I wish it had been him telling me he was sorry. That class made me cry on more than one occasion. (C++ is a pain in the A++)

-I ran into so many people I know! Including my boss and his family, and a lot of people from the Hickory area! I was there with Katie, Daniel, Stephen (who I bugged into riding with me!) Alisa, Matt, Chad, Jeff, and Tracy.

-Our seats were pretty bad but it was okay because back row = nobody behind you getting mad because you stand on your seat the whole game.

-I yelled so much I lost my voice by halftime. I'm still hoarse today (3 days later).

-Skydivers brought in the game ball!

-There were fireworks (I LOVE FIREWORKS!!!) before and after the game.

-I have a crazy weird video of different points before, during, and after the game.

-The ASU Marching Mountaineers Rock.

-Armanti Edwards and Kevin Richardson and the rest of the football team rock.

-Yosef Rocks (especially when I went to give him a hug and he picked me up and twirled me around!)

-My friends rock.

Let's just sum up by saying I had a really great time! Pictures to come soon!

Also soon to come: This great day was followed by the next day, which was one of the Worst Days Ever. Look for the sordid details soon to come. :(

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Marie said...

No, You Rock, Allison. I put your photos on the ASU Photo Album on my blog...