Friday, February 02, 2007

what i want to be when i grow up.

I don't know about you, but I definitely didn't end up in the career I had chosen as a child. I mean, what 9 year old says, "hey, I want to be a GIS Technician when I grow up"?

At that age, what I really wanted to be was a nurse.
When I was in middle school, I decided to be an actress.
At 17, I was convinced I would be a high school band director.


On being a nurse:
a) I get queesy watching gory movies.
b) I get queesy when ANYTHING touches my wrists, and the thought of touching other peoples wrists makes me antsy too.
c) Too much school. And studying. And old people.

On being an actress:
a) I'm just not that interested in plastic surgery.
b) I hate hot weather and to really be a (movie) actress, you have to live in LA.
c) I'm not enough of a bitch to make it in that world.
Truthfully, I'd still be interested in being an actress if I had just gotten that part I tried out for in high school. But I lost out to Carmen, who is a much better actress than me. And I give up easy :)

On being a band director:
a) I didn't pass the Hayes School of Music's (at Appalachian) entrance audition, but I didn't want to go to any other schools.
b) I would have had to go to 30 different classes a semester, and only get 15 credit hours.
c) Music majors at ASU are really 'clicky'
d) High School students (who I would have been teaching) suck.
e) Teaching sucks (to me).
f) There is a LOT more to music than all of the music I had growing up originally put on my plate.

So when I got to college, having failed to make it into the ASU's music program, I decided it wasn't my thing (but I did join the marching band for 2 years and it kicked ass). So I went with my second most loved subject in school, history.

History is a great major except for 2 major downsides:
1) you pretty much have to use it for teaching. There just isn't much you can do with a history major.
2) you have to write a LOT of big papers for history classes at App. I'm talking 20 page papers for each class. Anyone who knows me knows I hate writing papers. There really isn't any other way to pass these classes though. Although, on a side note, I did take a Pirate History class and got perfect scores on all of the tests but since I didn't feel like writing a 10 page paper about some Chinese pirate I've never heard of, I got a C in the class, which I was ok with.

For a major in history at Appalachian, you have to take geography classes to go along with them. After taking my 2 required geography classes, I fell in love with geography. History education was put on the back burner and then completely pushed off the stove.

That is how I ended up in geography. And since the best way to make money with a geography degree is to be a GIS Techinician, here I am.

Am I happy? Sure. I would be happier if there was more females in my profession. It is definitely a man's world. And sometimes I get superbored. But I always think to myself, that if I wanted to, I could go to night classes and learn to be a photographer. That is what I want to be now when I grow up.


Katie said...

Us females need to stick together! If you weren't at the cog, then I couldn't go to the conference in March! And, hello?, you wouldn't have met Daniel and me. So, YAY geography!!! Oh, and I'm SO touching your wrists the next time I see you...

Sam said...

hahaha, this is a great blog.

When I was little I wanted to be a racecar driver. Going fast appealed to me even then.

In middle school I wanted to design video games. I thought there would be nothing cooler than to work on something like that. I was obsessed.

In high school I wanted to be an artist. I even made plans to go to the savannah college of art and design, but I didn't make it that far.

I ended up in computers because during my senior year microsoft came to our school and convinced all the kids in the programming class that we could be network administrators. So I took their cue and tried to go down that path. I ended up doing help desk work and that's what I've been doing ever since.

It's not bad, but I aspire to do greater things. At least it's easy.

Lately I've wanted to be a tattoo artist when I grow up. Don't ask me why.

Joan said...

I was going to become a speech pathologist but decided against it because the classes I needed at ASU were at 8am. I went on to get a business degree there and an accounting degree in Greensboro. I still don't know what I want to do.

Carmen said...

when i was in elementary school, i wanted to be an actress. when i was in middle school,i wanted to be a teacher. when i was in high school, i couldn't decide between acting and teaching. then, i got the teaching fellows scholarship. then i decided i wanted to teaching drama naturally followed. sorry about that part, but it did keep my dream alive. but that play sucked don't be that upset.

now...i can't decide between teaching in public schools, or trying really hard to be in charge of the youth theatre academy at hickory community theatre...yta at hct to those in the know. :)

josh just said that when he was little he wanted to make robots. he used to draw designs for them. and he wanted to act too...he says now he'd rather make robots.

but right this minute, i'm thinking it would be really cool to make stained glass and pottery for a living.

and i also want to touch your wrists now. that's weird, you know!

and speaking as a person who works with 95% females, i totally envy you and your working situation.