Monday, February 12, 2007

the ex-boyfriend box

Does anyone else do this? I have several "boxes" that contain mememtos from boys of the past. Yes, I know Rachel did the same thing on "Friends". What can I say, great minds think alike?

I have one metal box that has all sorts of mememtos from all the boys from middle school up until I dated Smokey. It is chock full of notes, candy wrappers, various cheap jewelry, pictures, trash, and even a lighter from a boy at a Green Day concert. A lot of the things in this box are completely lost to me now. I can hardly remember why I have so many sugar baby wrappers. I don't even like sugar babies.

I have two small heart shaped tins. One is for Brad (one of my best friends), because I had "like, such a crush" on him in 10th and 11th grade. Okay, I was desperately in high-school-love with him. But lucky for me, we stayed just friends. This works out best because now we are such great friends. I wouldn't have changed a thing. The other tin is for Smokey. It contains a few notes, candy wrappers, and a couple of drawings. Not much else to say about that one..

I have a box somewhere that has several letters from Joe F. He would write me the strangest letters.. One time he wrote this "story" poem about me and how "evil" I was. This was in between times of us dating. Sure, I probably deserved it, I did break his heart no less than 3 times. I need to find that to post here..

For some reason, I have no box for Sean. I'm not really sure why. Maybe it's because he moved in with me almost immediately after we started dating and I already knew it wasn't going to work out, so I didn't waste my time. Or maybe there was too much to keep in a box. Or maybe I was just being lazy.

Then there's the Adam box. Adam was my first love, my first serious boyfriend, and my first heartbreak. His box is a star. His contains all sorts of fun things. For example: a red towel once used as a hanky for me; a chevy hood ornament from the night he was at my house when a truck crashed into our yard; a pair of pearl earrings he gave me; a barbell from the eyebrow piercing I had while we dated; a dried up rose that he gave me; movie ticket stubs; little i love you notes; and much more.

I keep all of these boxes in a trunk full of junk I can't throw away. I know it's all junk and that I'm a huge packrat for keeping it all, but I just don't want to let these things go yet. I have a feeling if I ever get married, it will be a lot easier to throw some of this stuff away. But for now, I'll just keep all of these fun memories locked in my trunk so that the next time I get bored (like I did yesterday), I can go through them again for all the good thoughts.

And in case you're wondering, the top drawer of my dresser is where I keep all of my Jared stuff.


phaupster said...

the only box like that i ever kept was with your brother. we wrote letters all the time and i kept them all until i got married. you've got a lot of junk in that trunk! :)

Joan said...

I did have a box of things from my old boyfriend. Then several months after we broke up, I was mad and had a few too many beers and destroyed the contents. My roommate (I was at ASU) tried to stop me. She told me I'd regret it later.

Allison said...

do you regret it?