Thursday, February 08, 2007

mis ojos!

My eyes suck. (Is mis ojos Spanish for my eyes??)
I went to the eye doctor today. A few weeks ago I developed a bump on my eyelid in the same eye where I have a severe case of dry eye. I freaked and went to the eye doctor. He told me it was a stye that had healed itself, and that the bump would eventually go away. I was okay with this. He also ordered me some new contacts that are supposedly going to help with the dry eye.

A couple of weeks ago, another bump came up on the same eye. A bigger bump. A scary bump. So when they called me to come get the new contacts, I also made an appointment to see him again about the new bump.

SO. Today he tells me that it's really nothing to worry about and it's just coincidental that it's the same eye. His advice for me? Use baby shampoo daily on my eyelid. Apparently, I'm not getting all of the mascara and stuff off with my eye makeup remover pads.

Well that sucks. I was hoping to get a clear answer as to why this is happening. Oh well.

So on my way out of the eye doctor's, I put in my new trial contacts. Then I remembered that he didn't actually give me a new prescription. Last time he gave me trial lenses, they didn't quite work, and things were blurry, but I never told him and never ordered any contacts. So this time he used the same prescription. While so far (it's only been 30 minutes) they seem to feel alright, I can barely see.

Stupid eyes. Stupid astigmatism. Stupid corneas. Stupid dry eye. Stupid styes. Stupid eyes. Grrrr.


phaupster said...

glad to know it's not an alien growing in your eyelid. if you can't see...maybe you should get a new prescription silly. i had fun with you last night.

Joan said...

I have one dry eye. If I don't use drops it gets red. It took 20 years and several doctors to finally figure out the problem. I get queasy when they start messing around with my eyes.

Allison said...

then i bet you would have suffered when he flipped my eyelid inside out and took pictures..

Sam said...

I can think of a simple solution to most of your eye problems... Sexy librarian glasses. =P