Thursday, March 22, 2007

Come and get me, beach!

On Sunday I went to Target and I bought something that I have never before in my life bought, a swimsuit.

I've had swimsuits before. When I was a kid my mother bought me swimsuits and forced me to wear them. After hitting the 14 age mark though, it was always shorts and a t-shirt. If I was feeling crazy, I would wear the black polka dotty one that my mother gave me which was one of her cast-offs from her skinny phase. The top part was a little loose, meaning my boobs had to grow into it. Even with this swimsuit, which I still have and have still been using since then, I have always topped it with a t-shirt.

Why? I could lie and say it was to protect myself from sunburn. But let's be honest, I'm a girl and I'm self-conscious. All girls are, especially in bathing suits.

But this year, I am approaching summer with a positive attitude (at least I'm trying to). Rather than shy away from beach trips and anything involving Jared seeing me in the embarrassing mess of the black polka dotty suit with a t-shirt, I decided to try and find a flattering swimsuit. After all, last year I lost a little weight and I'm feeling better about myself than I have in years.

Summer, here I come.. Beach, here I come. Sunburn, here I come.

Swimsuit Top.

Swimsuit Bottom.

What do ya think?


carmenphaup said...

I didn't look at the links but I saw it last night. It's very flattering and you look great. Let's go to a pool, cause I have a cute one too! And you've lost a lot of weight...don't be modest. You look hot hot hot.

Allison said...

yea but where is there an accessible pool? preferably one that's not overrun by kids.

Sam said...

hahaha, I used to use the sunburn excuse for wearing a t-shirt too. Now if someone asks me about it I say, "do you really want to see my fucked up body?"

The top reminds me of the shirt you were wearing the very first time I met you. And Carmen is right, you've lost a lot of weight and you're looking awesome.

Joan said...

Cute suit. I think you should wear the eye patch with it.

Allison said...

BRILLIANT!! will do!

Katie said...

Looks very Allison! I like it!