Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Summer already? *sigh*

So yesterday was absolutely gorgeous outside. I was totally loving being outside. I was enjoying the sunshine, the flowers, the tress, the breeze, the happy music on the radio, and I was even having fun with my GPSing. I was enjoying it until 3:00. Then, it started to get a little hot and I was reminded of what's lurking just around the corner that threatens to make me a miserable girl over the next few months: Summer.

-Summer comes creeping out at you right around May.
-Summer catches you between your car and your front door (even though it's only 20 feet) and makes you start your day with a bucket of sweat.
-Summer catches you doing your Tuesday job (which requires you to be outside all day) and then gives you the worst skin-peeling sunburn.
-Summer hinders any and all road trips because you know you're going to want to run your air conditioner but you also know gas costs at least $2.50 a gallon.
-Summer makes your electric bill go up.
-Summer beckons you to get in or near a pool or ocean, which means some unlucky sap is going to have to see you in your swimming suit.
-Summer causes you to spend more time wearing shorts. And if you're like me, you just can't find a flattering pair of shorts no matter the cut, the length, or the style.

Have you figured out yet that I'm not excited about summer? Thankfully I awoke this morning to find it back to good old 50 degrees. Yummy.

Jared and I went to Boone last night in hopes of escaping the most awful time of the year. It was so nice. Two beers a piece and some warm, yummy, Mellow pizza, and we were feeling just right. Balanced.


carmenphaup said...

but summer is so nice. i guess one of us will always just have to be misreble. i've been complaining about the cold after it got warm...i've been complaining about the cold since it got cold. think of it this way...summer=lots of food from my grill and, i'll be working so little that i'll have all kinds of time for fun. i love summer. i can't wait for it to get here!!!!

Katie said...

YAY SUMMER!!! I'm with Carmen on this one. I am so ready for it to get here. Especially after the lovely weather yesterday.

Sam said...

I'm with Allison, I hate hot, humid summers. I know this is cliche, but it's really not the heat so much as the humidity that I hate.

As for the shorts problem, I say you just buy some long basketball shorts and look like a lesbian. It's better than being hot.

Allison said...

thanks for seeing my side, Sam. But i don't think i'll be going the old lesbian route. :)