Thursday, March 29, 2007


So I found this really cool website that takes your personal pictures and turns them into mosaics. It's really neat and free. It takes a few days (yes, days) to work, but it's totally worth it.

Check out what I got back:

Make your own Here.


Sam said...

That is really friggin' cool. It would be really cool if it created the mosaic from all the pictures other people had submitted.

Btw, did you notice that where your lips meet is a picture of a monkey? hahaha, it just kinda stands out from the rest of the stuff in that area... it's kinda funny.

Joan said...

Cool. It's blurry enough that even I would look good.

Anonymous said...

It doesn't seem to take days, at least not for me. Only took me about a minute. Maybe something on their end was broken when you did it?

Allison said...

maybe.. that could be it.